While a lot of time and energy is often spent on kitchen, living room, and bathroom remodels, homeowners often forget the guest bedroom. At Quality DesignWorks, we know that a guest bedroom remodel in Gainesville, FL is a perfect way to make guests feel welcome, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Provide Adequate Lighting

When it comes to guest bedroom lighting, simpler is better. If the guest bedroom remodel is part of a larger home remodel, the majority of the budget may be set aside for other projects, such as a master bedroom renovation. To keep guest room additions affordable, consider a simple overhead light or flush-mounted lights. For the perfect touch, add a small desk or floor lamp next to the bed. This allows night owls to read without disturbing the rest of the house and also saves them from the difficulty of navigating unfamiliar spaces in the dark. Our team of experts at Quality DesignWorks is ready to help you embark on your guest bedroom remodel in Gainesville, FL! Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Revive Walls And Flooring

The first step in a guest bedroom remodel is to examine the walls and flooring. If the paint is dull or the wallpaper outdated, it’s time for a touch-up. Painting is a quick and simple way to freshen the look of a room so guests feel appreciated. Neutral or warm tones are the most inviting, but if you opt for wallpaper, keep the design soft and simple.Replacing worn or stained carpet can revitalize the entire room. If the carpet is in good shape, invest in professional carpet cleaning to make it feel like new again. For guest bedrooms with hardwood flooring, Gainesville remodelers recommend an area rug to give the room an appealing feel and protect your guests’ feet from cold flooring.

Create Bathroom Access

Think about bathroom access from the guest bedroom. If no easy access exists, it might be a good idea to add a small guest bathroom. A bathroom addition is dependent on space and budget, but even a small half-bath would offer convenience for guests. This is a particularly good idea for families who frequently host guests as an extra bathroom can reduce bathroom traffic and avoid awkward lines for the facilities.

Consider Storage Space

According to remodelers in Gainesville, one of the most important aspects of a guest bedroom renovation is ample storage space. No matter the length of stay, living out of a suitcase is never ideal. A dresser and some hanging space in the closet communicates to guests that they can make themselves at home.

Create A Color Scheme

Choose comforters, sheets, throw pillows, and window treatments that match the color scheme of the guest bedroom. A unified color scheme will draw the room together and provide an elegant touch.