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Why Buying an Ugly Home Isn't the End of the World

Sep 25th 2017

Searching thousands of listings for your dream home can be frustrating, but when a home looks good in paper, but isn’t so glamourous in person, you can be left feeling frustrated, wondering how you'll ever find “the one”. Whether it’s the outer appearance, some questionable interior design trends, or downright ridiculous feature (a toilet in the kitchen?), “ugly” homes might have more to offer than you realize! Quality DesignWorks provides home remodeling Gainesville, FL residents can rely on to turn an ugly home into a dream home.

How to Plan a Kid-Friendly Remodel

Sep 21st 2017

Planning a home remodeling project becomes much more complex with young children living in the house. Kid and adult interests often conflict so it is important to plan ahead and decide on aspects that will provide both the aesthetic that you want and practicality with kids around. At Quality DesignWorks, we want to share tips on home remodeling for families with young children. Count on us for a home remodeling Gainesville, FL, homeowners can love.

These Items Make Any Home Feel Outdated

Aug 22nd 2017

People usually choose to undergo a home remodeling project to update a certain area of their home or choose a whole new decorative theme. When updating, it is important to enhance comfort and livability as well as making your home feel cohesive in décor. Sometimes, however, we might overlook certain items in our homes that we’ve had the same way for years. These items and areas can detract from your home so much that even after a remodel, your home still feels outdated. In order to ensure that your remodel doesn’t fall flat, keep an eye out for the following things that you should avoid or get rid of. At Quality DesignWorks, we are a Gainesville, FL home remodeling company dedicated to helping your achieve your dream home.

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