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Kitchen & Bathroom Trends You Might Want To Skip

May 25th 2018

Whether it’s in fashion or interior design, trends usually have a limited shelf life. Home improvement TV shows are a great source for remodeling inspiration, but it’s hard to predict how long trends will be in style for. Quality DesignWorks, a design-build company in Gainesville, wants to help you avoid dating your home, especially if you don’t plan to redecorate or redesign often. Here are some remodeling trends you may want to skip or at least think twice about.

Eight Things That Can Ruin A Bathroom Remodel

May 22nd 2018

A bathroom remodeling project is supposed to end with the functional and stately bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. But there are many decisions to make along the way, and the wrong choices could ruin the project. Quality DesignWorks wants to help you avoid snafus and heartache by sharing these eight tips.

Communication Is the Key to Remodeling Success

Mar 07th 2018

Remodeling one or more rooms in a home usually means putting great deal of trust on contractors. However, the level of homeowners’ satisfaction with the end result will depend not only the contractors’ abilities to do a good job but also, firstly, on the homeowners and contractors’ ability to communicate efficiently with each other.  No matter how talented the designers and builders are, if their understanding of what the rooms should look like and how much the project should cost differs from what the homeowner has in mind, the project could become a nightmare full of frustration, disappointment and wasted money. Prevent this from happening to you with these tips for effective communication with your Gainesville, FL, home remodeling contractors.

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