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Communication Is the Key to Remodeling Success

Mar 07th 2018

Remodeling one or more rooms in a home usually means putting great deal of trust on contractors. However, the level of homeowners’ satisfaction with the end result will depend not only the contractors’ abilities to do a good job but also, firstly, on the homeowners and contractors’ ability to communicate efficiently with each other.  No matter how talented the designers and builders are, if their understanding of what the rooms should look like and how much the project should cost differs from what the homeowner has in mind, the project could become a nightmare full of frustration, disappointment and wasted money. Prevent this from happening to you with these tips for effective communication with your Gainesville, FL, home remodeling contractors.

These Home Renovations Will Get You Ready for Spring

Feb 20th 2018

When it comes to home remodeling in Gainesville, the beginning of spring is an opportune time for certain projects. Some renovations have year-round benefits but are more easily accomplished during spring, while other projects can prepare your home for popular spring and summer activities. To work with professional designers and builders on home renovations, contact Quality DesignWorks.  

Why Concrete Flooring Is Better Than You Think

Feb 05th 2018

When it comes to home renovations, using concrete as flooring may be a better idea than you might think. Given the advances in concrete as a flooring material, homeowners now have options for design and durability that no other type of flooring could offer. As a result, concrete flooring in Gainesville is becoming more popular as homeowners continue to discover the advantages the material has. For more information about decorative concrete, contact Quality DesignWorks.

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