The bedroom is one of the more important rooms of the home, but it is often relegated to an afterthought. When it comes time for home renovations, the kitchen, living room and bathroom are the usual go-tos. But what about where you sleep? Many bedrooms serve as a place to relax and meditate, unwind and watch TV, grab a book and set imaginations free — so why not elevate your bedroom to meet your life’s demands?

When considering a bedroom remodel it’s necessary to think of the big picture and design a plan that focuses on improving the functionality and design of the bedroom, as well as adding value to the home. To maximize your renovation, the design and remodeling experts at Quality DesignWorks are sharing their bedroom renovation tips!

Know For Whom The Bedroom Remodel Is Intended

What’s the purpose of your bedroom renovation? Understand whether you are redesigning the space for your own benefit or if the remodel is to increase the value of the home for resale. This determination is important as this knowledge guides the design of the project. For example, a traditional design featuring neutral colors, recessed lighting, and an open, airy feel is ideal for future sale. However, if this project is for your personal benefit, paint the walls the colors you desire, and choose master bedroom décor and design features that make this space ideal for you.

Double Check The Measurements

If you’re taking a do-it-yourself approach, ensure all measurements you record are accurate. Taking incorrect measurements puts a damper on productivity, time management, and budget. Our design-build team recommends verifying any measurements to prevent mistakes and extra work. Failing to double check measurements could mean ordering supplies and fixtures that won’t fit in the designated space or making detrimental cuts into flooring or walls that aren’t easily repaired.

Select The Right Flooring Material

Flooring can make or break a bedroom remodel. The most common flooring types for bedroom redesigns are wood and carpet. Both materials have pros and cons; carpet is easily stained and is not as long-lasting as wood flooring. On the other hand, carpet flooring is a budget-friendly option when compared to pricier wood flooring options (and you won’t be bothered by cold floors in the middle of the night). Again, focusing on the purpose of the remodel as well as the budget can help you make flooring choices.

Consider Aesthetic Upgrades

Your exact bedroom remodel ideas may vary. Consider devoting a portion of the budget to aesthetic upgrades that are also a great investment. We know the following upgrades are sought after in bedrooms:

  • Walk-in closet
  • Tray ceiling
  • Recessed ambient lighting
  • Handcrafted molding
  • Sitting area
  • Built-in shelving
  • Fireplace
  • Outdoor access to patio or garden
  • Chandeliers

If a larger project such as framing a door for outside access is out-of-pocket, an alternative may be installing a beautiful, art glass chandelier.

Add Functional Space

Every potential buyer or homeowner desires functional space. Be sure to add functional, aesthetically pleasing features to your design plan. Home additions vary from large to small scale, from walk-in closets with built-in shelving to demolishing interior walls to expand the footprint of the structure. A popular choice is to schedule bathroom construction for added space and ultimate relaxation. Regardless of the Gainesville home addition you choose, be sure to check zoning regulations and deed regulations when embarking on a home addition.

Here’s a bonus tip: Simply enlist the assistance of our trusted, experienced design-build team and we will ensure your construction is legally sound!

Hire A Trusted Remodeling Company

Our Gainesville design-build company has years of experience in successful, striking remodels. We collaborate with you to ensure the design is functional and exactly what you want. Our team is certified, bonded and insured for remodeling and construction projects, including architectural design and structural engineering.

Our team of experts are available and are ready to embark on your bedroom renovation in Gainesville, FL! Contact Quality DesignWorks to schedule a bedroom remodel consult.