Does your home feel a bit drab? Do you need to spice it up? Accent walls are the perfect way to bring color and interest to an otherwise boring room without the commitment or time associated with painting every wall. Before your next Gainesville, FL home remodeling project, consider adding in an accent wall.

Pick a Color

Choosing the color you want is the most important step in the process since it will be the focal point. Picking the wrong color can detrimentally impact the effect you wish for your room to have. Ideally, you want to select a color that is already in color palette of the room so that even though it is different than the other walls, it will still look cohesive. If you choose a color that is not already present, you will want to incorporate it within other areas of the room such as decorative pillows, art or curtains.

Prep Walls

Any expert Gainesville home remodeling expert will tell you that prepping is an important step that should not be taken lightly. Make sure the surface is clean by removing any dust, grease, fingerprints or cobwebs that may be present. Get rid of any holes by filling them in with putty. Then sand over walls to ensure an even and smooth surface.


Do not underestimate the amount of time and effort you should spend on painting. As with any home additions Gainesville strategy, you will need to be accurate and patient. The number of coats you will need will depend on the color you choose. If you are using a lighter shade, you will most likely need one coat or two coats, while a darker shade will require two coats to four coats. Be sure to paint slowly to prevent smudges or drips.

Consider Wallpaper

If you want to be particularly different and ambitious with your accent, add wallpaper instead of paint. This added texture and design will quickly add interest to your room and make it unique. If you decide to use a patterned wallpaper, paint the others walls a neutral color so your room will not appear hectic.

Determine Room Organization

Once you finish painting, take advantage of this new feature by using your décor and furniture to emphasize it. If the accent wall is in your living room, place a large sofa in front of it; or if it is in your bedroom, situate your bed in front of it.

Home Remodeling Company in Gainesville, FL

Accent walls are perfect for adding interest to your rooms without becoming overwhelming. For more tips or help during your next home remodeling Gainesville, FL project, contact Quality DesignWorks. Our talented team can help you revitalize your home and make all of your friends jealous.