When homeowners are determining which colors they wish to paint their walls, they tend to only focus on what they believe is aesthetically pleasing. However, colors have the ability to affect our moods without us even noticing. Therefore, when you want to hire a Gainesville, FL home remodeling service, consider what messages you wish to communicate.


The color red is probably most notable for its relation to love but it is also associated with adventure and an optimistic perspective. Though red encourages romance, excess warns of danger and aggression so you must make you to limit the amount you use for your home additions Gainesville project. It also helps to stimulate appetite so it is preferred in your dining room or bedroom.


The color blue is associated with features such as intelligence, safety and a sense of peace. Because it is related to intellect, consider painting your bedroom or office blue to help you give that extra boost. In fact, one study showed that students who were exposed to the color blue before an exam performed better than their counterparts. However, if your home has too much blue, it may produce a cold and unfriendly mood for guests so you must balance it with other warmer colors.


The color orange conveys feelings of warmth and support. In your home, use orange in your dining room or living room. Orange is commonly used in fitness facilities because it encourages motion and energy but in the United States, it is perceived negatively because of its close associations with Halloween and prison.


Green works best in bedrooms because it has a calming effect and believe that it even prevents nightmares. This color represents money, nature and balance but if it is used in excess, it can produce feelings of lethargy, laziness and depression.


Society associates pink with immaturity and weakness but the actual color represents love and peace. In fact, when prisoners have been exposed to the color pink, they were considerably calmer. Paint your walls pink in your bedroom to help you relax after a long day.


During your next Gainesville home remodeling project, black and grey may be your colors of choice. When used in moderation they communicate independence, confidence and authority. However, if used in excess, you will create a negative and confrontational environment, so be sure to use other colors to compensate.


Yellow conveys emotions such as joy, energy and attention and can therefore help you to feel more optimistic and confident. It is best to use this color in your bathrooms or kitchen. Though it is considered a happy color, it can also cause distress so you should avoid painting your bedroom yellow. This is especially true for nurseries because it has been shown that babies cry more in yellow rooms.


Lilac promotes feelings of mystery, creativity and spirituality and is favored in bedrooms. However, be aware that lilac can also be associated with depression as well.

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