There seem to be many rules when it comes to painting your house that people tend to adhere to. Some of these are unspoken while others are said outright. However, you do not need to feel limited by these restrictions. Your home is your space and you are free to decorate it the way you want to without sacrificing style. Quality DesignWorks is a Gainesville remodeling company that believes in supporting you, as the customer, to find the style that works perfectly for your home.

“Beige is Bland”

Because beige is a neutral and light color, it is now considered a dull color that does little to enhance your home. However, beige walls can provide you with a base that allows you to have more freedom with your furniture and accents. For example, we can use colored sofas or decorate with bright curtains and pillows which you otherwise could not have done.

“Pink is Only for Children’s Bedrooms”

Though pink has become the stereotypical color for girl’s nurseries, it is not a juvenile color. Pink is offered in a multitude of shades that so you can choose the precise color you are looking for. Our Gainesville remodelers can pair this color with sophisticated furniture and details, such as French doors, to prevent it from looking like a child’s room.

“Brown is Boring”

Modern home remodeling ideas allow you to paint your walls brown without making your room dull. If you find the right shade that will fit your home in its various lightings, brown can make you room elegant and warm. Be sure to use plenty of white trim and light accessories when decorating this room.

“Blue is a Boy’s Color”

Due to constant gender divides through advertisements, people have come to associate the color pink with girls and the color blue with boys. Yet, this does not need to be true for your home. Blue is a versatile color that can suit any style, gender or age depending on the way you accent it. Our experts at Quality DesignWorks can help you find that shade that best suits your room.

“Never Use Dark Colors in Small Rooms”

It is true that light colors tend to make rooms look bigger and are preferable for smaller rooms. However, you are not required to use them. You can still use jewel tones for your walls, if you wish, to give it an elegant touch. Use ornate picture frames and thin furniture to make the room appear larger.

“Only Use Peaceful Colors in Bedrooms”

Often, people use pastel and soft colors in bedrooms because they believe it will increase their sleep quality. Yet, if you are someone who enjoys bright colors, you do not need to compromise. Our designers will paint your room bright green or yellow while using white accents and furniture to tone the intense colors down.

“You Must Have a Dominant Color”

When it comes to home remodeling, people are frequently told that each room should have their own dominant color so that your rooms are not chaotic. If you are a person that enjoys bright colors, feel free to paint the walls one color while you use another for accents. As long as the room appears balanced when you are finished, you are free to use more than one bold color.

“White is Always a Tranquil Color”

At Quality DesignWorks, we can use different designs to make white walls more interesting. They become the blank canvas that allows you to have any style you want. It is important to choose a crisp shade of white and then use bold fabrics and colors to decorate.

“Never Paint Your Walls Black”

Black can be a very intimidating and overpowering color. Therefore, it is not typically used to paint your home’s walls. However, it can also be used as a bold and elegant statement. The key is to balance it with moulding and light colors such as grey or white.

Quality DesignWorks Helps You Break the Rules

Our Gainesville design build company focuses on designing a home that truly represents who are you without the limit of traditional decorating tactics. We will use the colors you want while combining them with complementary accents to keep your home in style. Contact Quality DesignWorks today when you decide to repaint your home.