Complete Home Remodels in Gainesville, FL

When you are in the middle of planning a remodel for your home, it is easy to focus on the main areas of your house such as the bedrooms and common areas, but be sure you do not neglect some of the smaller areas. A home remodeling Gainesville, FL, company, such as Quality DesignWorks, can help you create a cohesive design throughout your entire home and suggest tips to increase the function of each area.


Just because closet doors may hide your mess doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Take a bit of extra time to remodel your closets to complement the function of each room, including coat closets, linen closets, bedroom closets and storage closets. Start by sorting through what is in each closet and dispose of unwanted items. Perhaps the most significant aspect of remodeling a closet is organization. Determine what your needs are for the closet (hanging items, or belongings that need shelves). Next, you will want to work with our Gainesville remodeling team to create a combination of rods, shelves, hooks and shoe storage. You can even customize your closet by choosing a closet door type that fits the surrounding area such as a sliding barn door, glass door, solid wood door or even curtains. If you find that it is difficult to find things in your closet, take this as an opportunity to install lights to brighten the space. Add a pop of color by painting the back wall or use colored baskets and shelves.

Laundry Room

The more you like the design of your laundry room, the more enjoyable your weekly task will become. Begin by painting the walls a color that you enjoy most. Before you finalize the design of your laundry room, consider your preferences. If you prefer to hang clothing immediately, you will want to add a curtain rod or two, but if you fold your clothing, be sure to designate some counter space for that. You may also want to consider the flooring. Ask your home additions Gainesville expert about a floor material that will be resistant to water and also wear and tear. Get rid of your containers of detergents and cleaning supplies by placing products in mason jars or install cabinets where you can hide them away.

Entry Way

Though you may spend time and money on your landscaping and the exterior of your house, don’t neglect the entry way. A remodeling Gainesville consultant can help you choose a door that suits the style of your house or you can give it a nice coat of fresh paint if it is chipped. Consider placing a welcome mat to add a personal touch and also to minimize the amount of dirt your guests track in. If you find yourself constantly losing your keys, throwing your jacket onto the floor or forgetting where you put the mail, hang a shelf near the front door. This shelf can easily be customized by constructing it out of metal or distressed wood.

Gainesville Home Remodelling Companies

It can be difficult to keep track of many moving parts during your home remodel without forgetting any of the details. However, a superior Gainesville, FL home remodeling company has experience that allows them to remember even the most forgettable areas of the house. Quality DesignWorks can help you create a cohesive design for your home that suits your preferences. Contact our office today to find out how we can help take your home to the next level.