Laundry rooms are mostly functional. However, a well decorated room can make time consuming chores a bit more bearable. There are many simple home additions Gainesville homeowners can use to spruce up the laundry room.

Structural Elements

If you have a small A-shaped step ladder in your garage, you can repaint it and hang it sidewise on your wall. This creates a stylish and unique shelf for any cleaners you use without cluttering the top of the laundry machine. You can utilize dead space above your laundry machines by hanging a curtain rod. When you have clothing items that need to hang dry or will wrinkle if not immediately removed, you can hang them from this rod. A bookshelf is a helpful form of storage that allows for the placement of various sizes of objects. Depending on the amount of space between your laundry machines and the wall, you can set your bookshelf in this area.

Design Details

Use Gainesville home updates to allow your laundry room to match the design of the rest of your house. Instead of placing all of your bottles and boxes of cleaning supplies on shelves, which can look tacky, use mason jars. Take mason jar drink disposals and use chalkboard paint to create a label. Then transfer your laundry detergent and fabric softener to these containers for a cute alternative.

For some reason, socks always go missing when you are doing laundry. Take a piece of wood, stain it to make a sign for missing socks. Then you can use clothespins to hang one-of-a-kind socks until their match is found.

For a quick way to brighten the room, use paint or wallpaper to highlight the wall behind the laundry machines. In order to control the amount of light you allow in the room, hang curtains from the window. Use a pattern or color that fits your style.


Not all clothing can be washed with the same method. Hang a dry erase board over your dryer with magnetic dry erase markers so you can write instructions for specific clothing items. Attach vinyl lettering to the board in order to customize it.

Organize your various laundry baskets by placing them in a wire or wooden frame that will turn them into drawers. This will free up space and will also allow for better organization.

Turn a closed top bin into a trash can for lint and paper and hang it on the wall. You can then get rid of the messy garbage can that normally sits next to the dryer.

There are many simple and quick laundry room additions in Gainesville that can radically transform your laundry room. It is an area that that you must visit frequently, so why not make it more attractive? Organizing this spot will also allow for more efficiency and better use of space.