You’ve renovated your home, changed the layout, replaced the countertops, stripped the walls, and brought in new furniture; now it’s time to decorate! Redecorating your home is a fundamental part of revamping the house. This is the time when you have fun, get creative, impress family and friends, and add the personal touches that turn a house into a home. Quality DesignWorks, a provider of Gainesville home renovations, has tips to help you decorate your home like a professional designer!

Gainesville Home Design

Decorating is all about leading the eye where you want it to go. Through color, lighting, symmetry and even purposeful asymmetry you can create a scene for the eyes to drink in.

Work With the Layout, Not Against it

When it comes to furniture and décor you can move them around, but the same doesn’t go for your walls and windows. Don’t work against the layout of your home, let the space dictate what you place and how you place it. For example, if a bed has to go against a bedroom wall with a window, choose a headboard that is either low or allows sunlight to pass through it. Arrange decorations and furniture in ways that they align with the walls and the ceiling of a room. Keep large pieces that call attention to themselves in an open area such as the center of the room or on a large wall.

Color: It Can Make It or Break It

Color is one of the most important aspect of decorating your home. Multiple colors risk making your home look too busy and jarring. Stick to a palette with colors that complement each other and use that scheme with different variations and shades throughout the house. This will keep every room looking unique but cohesive. Use upholstery, artwork and other decorations with similar colors to your walls; it will make the eye transition smoothly through the room and pick up on objects of the same color. Color accents also help to make a room feel more alive and inviting. Painting your window trims is a great way to make a statement and make the outside view pop.

Let There Be Light

As any photographer will tell you, the right lighting is imperative. In homes, there is both natural light and electrical, and by being conscious of both and how they interact with your home you can better achieve the mood you want a room to give off. Electrical light falls into three categories: Ambient light which is used to light an entire room, task lighting used to illuminate a specific function, and accent lighting used to highlight artwork and other decorative pieces. By installing and placing the right lights and lamps, you can work with natural sunlight to control the character of the room all day long. Adding a dimmer switch is a great way to achieve this.

Add Height and Depth to Any Room

The magic in decorating is that with simple changes you can fool the eye into thinking an area of space looks larger than what it actually is. By having low furniture you will make your walls look taller; always try to create strong verticals and avoid horizontals. Adding large mirrors is also a good way to create this effect. When adding large mirrors place them carefully so they can reflect light into the room. Painting the ceiling a lighter shade than the walls is also a good way to make a room appear brighter and open it up.

Home Remodeling Gainesville Residents Can Count On

Home remodeling is only the first step in giving your house new life. Decorating is a way to complement the structure of a room and tie it all together. Quality DesignWorks offers the Gainesville area affordable home transformations that will enthrall you, your family, and your friends. Contact us for your next home additions Gainesville project!