In regards to interior decoration, much emphasis is placed on furniture, color of large walls and fixtures. In general, every aspect of your house becomes important except for small walls that are about two or three feet wide. These walls typically go unnoticed within your home. During Gainesville home remodeling, there are plenty of ways you can use these spaces to add to the design of your house or increase function.

Add a Pop of Color

If you decide to paint small walls a vastly different color than others shown within your room, it will make your home more interesting. Unlike normal accent walls, you will not be forced to commit to painting a wall the length of an entire room another color, but instead you can paint only a small section of the wall and get the same effect.

Create a Sitting Area

When consulting our home additions Gainesville service, ask for a chair, bench or cushion in front of the wall. Immediately, an extra area is created that is perfect for reading a book, putting your shoes on or enjoying a moment of peace.

Hanging Space

Every home is filled with plenty of items that need to be organized better. Take advantage of these small walls to hang horizontal racks, pegs and hooks. There are almost infinite uses for these arrangements. If placed in your kitchen, they can hold coffee mugs, utensils or herbs. They can also hold towels or candles in your bathroom.

Design an Art Display for Your Children

If you have children, you know you may be running out of space to place your children’s new masterpieces. Place a cork board on a little wall and pin all of your children’s pictures up so you can always be reminded of your children and your kids will be proud their art is on display. You can even add a chalkboard that your children can draw directly on.

Make a Message Board

Ask our Gainesville, FL home remodeling team to cover the wall with chalkboard paint, corkboard or a whiteboard. You can use it to write notes to your family, reminders or the menu for this week’s dinner.

Hang an Art Arrangement

Most homeowners can appreciate the value associated with hanging a large, beautiful painting or picture on your wall even if you are not an art history expert. However, sometimes pictures are so small, they do not seem to look quite right on a large wall. Instead, place these paintings on little walls so they will look better and draw interest to otherwise unnoticed spots in your home.

Home Remodeling in Gainesville, FL

At Quality DesignWorks, our goal is to help you attain your dream house. In order to accomplish this task, we need to know what your preferences are. Utilizing small places can help us take advantage of every surface space. Our team can address these little walls during our home remodeling Gainesville, FL service or following the initial renovation if you decide you would prefer one of these elements later. Call us today for assistance with implementing these design elements; nowhere else will you find such thorough and innovative home design.