You do not always need to complete major renovation projects to spruce up your home. Instead, there are many small things you can do to quickly make your house appear newer and more appealing. These steps will help you remain excited about your home in between major Gainesville, FL home remodeling projects.

  1. Clean Molding

    Due to normal wear and tear, your baseboards, windowsills and moulding can become covered in dust, streaks and fingerprints. Use a damp cloth to wipe down these surfaces and remove flaws. Brightened edges are a quick way to rejuvenate your walls.

  2. Unsheathe Knives

    Typically, sharp knives are kept in a wooden container on your counter. However, these not only take up space, but are also home to grease, dust and food particles. Instead, move your knives to a drawer and throw the container away. Clutter always sends a message that the house has been lived in for awhile.

  3. Change Lightswitch Plates

    Think about it: every time you walk in or out of a room, you flip the light on or off. With frequent use, your lightswitch plates can quickly become covered in grime or begin to wear. Take time to wipe them down. If this is not sufficient, you may need to replace them to convey that brand new feel.

  4. Prune Shrubs

    Overgrown bushes and shrubs quickly make your home appear old and dilapidated regardless of your house’s exterior. Take time to reshape your shrubs until they look refined and sharp edged once again. Make sure you remove any dead flowers or plants while you are at it.

  5. Declutter Refrigerator

    Though your refrigerator may hold important grocery lists, precious artwork from your children and pictures from holiday cards, a clean refrigerator conveys a much more sophisticated look. Keep all of your precious memories, but instead place them in a photo album or scrapbook instead of in your kitchen.

  6. Sweep Fireplace

    In almost every magazine depiction of a living room, one can see a beautiful fireplace. In order to achieve this look, sweep out remaining ashes and debris from your last fire and artistically place logs in an appealing arrangement.

  7. Rearrange Art Displays

    Even with beautiful artwork or family photographs, it is important to be careful when hanging them up. For large arrangements, use the same colors for mattes and frames even if the frames are different sizes or styles. This sense of cohesiveness will make your pictures seem much more appealing. If hanging pictures in your hallway, only place them on one side of the hallway. Otherwise, your hallway may feel claustrophobic and much smaller.

  8. Clean Grout

    Mildew, dirt and grime easily builds up on grout in moist areas and be very difficult to clean. Dark stains in your grout, regardless of how clean your tiles are, make your shower, kitchen and flooring appear grungy and dirty. Spend time scrubbing these areas clean and your room will immediately look much newer.

  9. Wash Windows, Showers and Mirrors

    Natural light is an important element in making your room welcoming and open. Streaks on your windows make them look older. Clean your windows on the inside and outside to shorten the distance between your home and the outside world.

  10. Add Bright Accents

    If your furniture and walls are dark, your rooms may seem to lack life and interest. Instead of repainting or replacing furniture, simply add decorations that are brightly colored. Add curtains or accent pillows to draw interest and break up the dark color spectrum.

  11. Update Lighting Fixtures

    Light fixtures can easily become dated when compared to modern styles. Replace old-fashioned lighting pieces with a modern choice and you can quickly change the vibe of the entire room to match one that home remodeling Gainesville, FL experts might have chosen.

  12. Professionally Clean Your Carpet

    Through use, your carpet may feature stains, matted sections and pet hair. Even without these factors, your carpet may gradually become darker because of the accumulation of dust and dirt. If you are unable to replace it, have professional cleaners service your carpet and you will be surprised how bright it can become.

  13. Spruce Up Your Mailbox

    Mailboxes tend to become quickly forgotten, however because it is in the front of your home, it contributes to your guests’ first impression. Check to make sure your mailbox is not tarnished or in need of a fresh coat of paint. Be sure to remove any spider webs or leave that may have accumulated on it.

  14. Organize Coffee Table

    Clean up your cluttered coffee table by placing remotes neatly on a tray and place magazines in an organized pile. Out a decorative piece in the center of your table along with a few attractive coffee table books.

  15. Check Your Window Blinds

    Over time, blinds can accumulate dust or become bent. Clean off dust or replace your blinds to immediately add appeal to your windows.

  16. Cover Holes in Your Walls

    If you look at your walls, you will be surprised how many holes you have. Fill them using putty, then sand them down and paint over them to make your walls appear fresh.

  17. Wipe Down Welcome Mat

    Though the mat on your doorstep may say “welcome” odds are that it is not very welcoming. If the letters are faded or it is covered with debris and dirt, it needs some attention. Clean or replace your mat or if necessary, to make your guests feel truly welcome.

  18. Organize Bookshelves

    Though your shelves may have once been organized, they most likely have become gradually haphazard. Instead of finding the perfect spot for each new addition, you instead just placed it on top of other books. Reorganize your shelves so that books look neat and are easy to find.

  19. Change Light Bulbs

    Lighting is one of the most important factors in your house. If your light bulbs are burned out, replace them. Additionally, be sure the light bulbs you are using are benefiting your room. Choose an LED bulb that comes in a variety of options to best fit the ambiance of your room.

  20. Add Plants

    Plants quickly add life and color to any room. If you are unable to keep a plant alive, use a silk alternative.

Home Renovations in Gainesville, FL

Though these tips are helpful for small changes, your home may be in need of more extensive Gainesville home remodeling. When you do, choose Quality DesignWorks. Our remodeling services provide you with your preferred style within your provided budget. Call us at Quality DesignWorks for home additions Gainesville residents choose.