Some design trends are best left on the internet and kept out of your home. In 2018, homeowners can find countless resources for hot trends in home design. While the idea of incorporating modern touches into your kitchen and bathroom remodels can seem appealing, homeowners should proceed with caution to avoid investing time and money in trends with limited durability. Gainesville remodeling experts with Quality DesignWorks can tell you which of the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom remodeling may be more trouble than they’re worth.

Marble Countertops

Of all the latest trends in home design, marble countertops is one of the most prevalent. Although marble countertops look beautiful, they are far more expensive and less practical than many alternatives. In addition, marble countertops are incredibly porous. Similar to a sponge, marble countertops soak up acidic residues and standing water, which can leave permanent stains and etches that require constant resealing. For a kitchen remodel Gainesville, FL, residents can be satisfied with in the long term, design-build experts recommend opting for solid quartz, which is cheaper than marble and will stand the test of time.

Metal Tiling

Notable for adding shiny contrast to walls, metal tiles have grown in popularity. While adding a small pop of gold or silver may complement solid-colored walls and decor, metallic tiles can be troublesome when installed in bathrooms and other walls that are constantly exposed to heat and moisture. Water left on metal tiling puts the tiles at risk of becoming tarnished and requiring consistent replacements. If metal tiles are a must-have, be sure to install them in dry areas of your home, such as an accent wall.

Light-Colored Decor

Minimalistic, light-colored decor is all the rage in home design. Although an all-white design can make your home look clean and elegant, maintaining this appearance can be extremely tedious. Kitchens are meant for cooking and sharing meals with loved ones, which can be messy. Homeowners who plan to use their kitchens frequently should opt for kitchen decor that combines light and dark tones to make the space more functional. Thankfully, Gainesville, FL, kitchen remodeling is made easy with Quality DesignWorks. Call us to schedule a consultation for a kitchen remodel today.

Kitschy Flooring

On Pinterest, kitschy flooring is one of the most popular do-it-yourself projects for home renovations. Kitschy flooring for bathrooms involves geometric patterns and unconventional materials such as recycled newspapers. But because bathroom floors are constantly exposed to heat, steam and water, they should be made of nonporous materials able to withstand daily use. If installed incorrectly, trendy flooring can crack, bubble and require expensive repairs. For bathroom remodeling Gainesville, FL, residents can rely on, contact the home renovation experts with Quality DesignWorks.

Laminated Accent Walls

Homeowners who want to avoid paint and wallpaper often opt for peel-and-stick laminate to adorn accent walls in their homes. While laminate may be simple to install and look great in your bathroom, removing it can be troublesome and easily damage the walls. Instead, for bathroom remodeling projects, choose peel-and-stick wallpaper, which is easier to remove and less likely to damage walls.