Our home renovation contractors know a remodel can significantly impact our client’s kitchens, infusing vibrant aesthetic enhancements, optimal floor plans, functionality improvements, and game-changing storage and organization solutions. Before you plunge into the world of kitchen design and remodeling, it’s important to be aware of the latest innovations and developments in the world of home renovations so you can approach your next kitchen remodel fully informed and ready to make decisions.

Here, Quality DesignWorks discusses the top four kitchen remodeling projects that will make your kitchen a favorite room in your home. Contact us today to book a showroom appointment!

Open Floor Plan Kitchen

Depending on when your home was built, your kitchen layout may be spacious and airy with plenty of features that serve you well, or it might be cramped and cluttered without much space for cooking, storing, cleaning, and performing other tasks. Your floor plan should evoke the desired feeling when you think of your dream kitchen. It should prioritize form and function, particularly regarding the most utilitarian aspects of the kitchen. Depending on the size and how much use your kitchen sees, consider opening the room and adding room for seating. Our design-build experts can help you select the ideal layout for your needs, from a galley, L-shaped, or one-wall layout to a U-shaped, island, or peninsula layout.

Customized Kitchen Storage

When renovating your kitchen space, you can never go wrong with adding storage and organization solutions, particularly when our design-build experts create customized solutions ideally suited to your needs and lifestyle preferences. There are near-endless clever kitchen storage options that our clients love using. There are many ways to maximize every inch of your kitchen, from smart organizing bins perfectly sized for their contents and cleverly hidden from view to stunning cabinetry at higher and lower levels for easy access. We can even build custom pull-out storage cabinets behind the doors that boost accessibility without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Kitchen Hardware Upgrades

Whether you want to pursue a full-out renovation, a home addition, or a minor remodel, the details of your kitchen are important. Simple details you might otherwise overlook can elevate your kitchen to the next level. Hardware, faucet ware, cabinet handles, and other hardware pieces made from copper, brass, or other metals exist in all different sizes and shapes and can make your kitchen feel warm, contemporary, and elegant. In addition to a wide range of different colors and tones, you can choose from many different finishes. You’ll love looking at your new kitchen hardware whenever you have to accomplish a task in the space.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

One of the most common aspects of the kitchen remodeling process is redoing the countertops! It’s widely known that clean-looking, high-quality white or cream-colored marble is a prized kitchen surface material. As beautiful as marble looks, however, it can be a pain to maintain over time. Our team at Quality DesignWorks has found a gorgeous alternative to marble that offers all the marble benefits without any drawbacks: quartz! Engineered stone options like quartz can withstand scalding temperatures and avoid scratches and stains, making it a feasible and stunning workhorse material for kitchen countertops.