There’s more to home renovations than room designs or materials. You’ll also need a game plan for how to finish the project within the timeline and budget, among other things. Here are tips our design-build company in Gainesville recommends for homeowners who plan to remodel.

Start In The Kitchen & Bathroom, In That Order

Everyone has goals for remodeling — maybe to make the place more livable or add space for family members who like to visit (with or without an invitation). But one motivation all remodelers should have is to increase their properties’ resale values.

To pull off a proper remodel requires a sizable budget. As long as the home becomes more marketable, though, expenses aren’t sunk costs but rather a wise investment. In terms of which rooms to address first, if you have one special project in mind (a new walk-in closet, a converted guest room to an office), proceed as planned. Alternatively, if you have grand ambitions to renovate multiple spaces, but you’re unsure where to begin, we suggest starting with a kitchen remodel, and then a bathroom remodel, and only then fix up additional rooms.

The logic is simple: the kitchen is the most desirable room in the eyes of many home buyers, followed closely by the bathroom. Sometimes, ambitious home renovations are scaled back unexpectedly, usually because of life events. Projects at the bottom of the list are either delayed or given up on. Yet, as long as you focus on the kitchen and bathroom first, you’re at least guaranteed to give your home a lucrative value boost, no matter if you finish your grand remodeling plans or not.

Follow Your Instincts, But Also Experts’ Advice

It’s your home, your money, and your project. Still, don’t hesitate to defer to the experts. Builders and designers may be there to bring your design to life. But they’re also helpful resources who can answer questions or offer guidance.

Choosing building materials is a great example of where expert advice from designers could save time and money. Say you’re renovating a living room, for example. You might spend days looking at different floorings online, such as carpet, hardwood, or tile. When you finally decide, that’s when the color, manufacturer, and price comparisons begin. And then you have to ask for your spouse’s opinion, and he or she might have a different take.

All told, it could be several days, a week, or longer before you settle on a floor type. But that’s just one of potentially dozens of materials; there are still paint, furniture, lighting, appliances, and hardware, among others. Easily, you could devote weeks or months to picking out materials. And even then, who’s to say what you ordered will complement each other or be as brilliant or durable as advertised? And how do you know you got the best price?

Designers can alleviate much of the time and worry. They’re trained to help homeowners realize their visions. A good designer knows how to interpret ambivalent preferences for colors, trends, or styles into a cohesive blend of materials that create a functional, comfortable, and attractive design. Furthermore, because designers work all over town, they build relationships and know where to shop for the best prices or find those impossible-to-find items.

Remember, Not All Design-Build Companies In Gainesville Are Equal

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