The holidays are a busy time for many people. And if you’ve either started home renovations in Gainesville or are planning to, busy can become chaotic. With years of experience and many satisfied customers throughout the area, Quality DesignWorks has these five tips for remodeling during the holidays.

Plan, Plan, Plan

The holidays are notorious for being stressful from start to finish before you begin a Gainesville home remodeling project. But they don’t have to be, especially when you and your contractor plan and communicate throughout the process. Before hammers begin pounding away, set a realistic schedule so you and your contractor are on the same page and have a schedule to reference if questions about progress arise. Some projects can be done in a matter of weeks, while others can stretch into months if it’s a large-scale remodel.

Know Where & How Materials Will Be Stored

The stock and tools being used for your Gainesville, FL home remodeling don’t have to automatically be a part of your holiday décor. Not only do they take up space better suited for entertaining guests, if stored improperly, they can pose a safety hazard. Quality DesignWorks works with you to set aside space in your home to store stock and tools so they won’t interfere with a holiday party and your guests.

Choose a Smaller Project to Start

Quality DesignWorks has completed many home remodeling Gainesville, FL projects in time for the holidays, but we also know that a smaller project or two can have an equal impact to wow your family and friends. Instead of undertaking a complete kitchen or living room remodel, go with a smaller project like installing a kitchen island or redoing the front entryway. Not only do these projects cost less, they take less time which means you’ll have your full home available for holiday entertaining.

Consider Hosting Elsewhere This Year

Kitchens are a popular pick for home renovations in Gainesville year-round, especially as the holidays arrive. They’re a central gathering area but if yours is under construction this year, consider hosting a holiday party elsewhere. Not only will you have more space to prepare meals and snacks for your family and guests, you won’t be decorating cookies next to a paint-splattered drop cloth. Or, ask those who would be coming for the holidays if they could host this year.

Be Flexible, Including With Decorating

Even with the best-laid plans, home remodeling Gainesville, FL can run into unavoidable situations that need flexibility. If the living room or dining room in your home is being remodeled, try to plan for decorating a different area of the home. Depending on the scale of the remodeling project, you may not be able to decorate indoors. If this is the case, your yard and landscaping are a great backup for holiday lights and décor.

Renovate with Ease with Quality DesignWorks

Renovations don’t have to turn your holiday plans topsy-turvy. From high-quality home additions Gainesville residents can enjoy before the guests arrive to giving the kitchen an up-to-date look, Quality DesignWorks’ team delivers stylish and modern renovations every time. With a customer-focused approach in everything we do, we take your renovation idea and turn it into a reality, even during the hustle and bustle of the holidays.