Bathroom remodeling is no small undertaking, but it is a rewarding project that is doable when approached with smart concepts and a healthy dose of determination. For the best outcome to your bathroom remodel, it is vital to make certain design choices to maximize available and usable space in a tiny bathroom. The remodeling and design experts at Quality DesignWorks, a design-build company in Gainesville, are here to share their top five tips for remodeling a small bathroom.

1. Adjust Vanity Size

What is the size of your current bathroom vanity? Consider the layout and design you are trying to achieve in your bathroom to determine if your vanity is appropriately sized. For more counter space, swap a cramped vanity and replace it with a more spacious one — but remember this may decrease your floor space. On the other hand, if the current vanity is too large, then downsize! After all, there are many shelving options that can be used to store hygiene and personal care products rather than on the vanity’s countertops.

2. Mount Fixtures

A current bathroom design trend and ultimate space saver is floating or wall-mounting bathroom fixtures. A wall-mounted vanity and wall-mounted sink provide for extra floor space. Also, fixtures that are not directly on the floor allow for easy, convenient cleaning so your remodeled bathroom stays in tip-top shape! Note that depending on the budget and timeframe allowed for your remodel, toilets can also be wall-mounted. However, this may be pricey and complex as plumbing may need to be re-routed.

3. Replace The Door

Doors that swing into the bathroom undoubtedly take up valuable space. Consider a bifold or pocket door in place of a conventional door. A pocket door will glide into the wall while a bifold door will fold inwards twice — both types of doors mean no inward swing. This tip can save homeowners at least 10 square feet!

4. Create Storage Space

Taking advantage of usable space to create additional storage space is going to be a key aspect for your small bathroom remodel. Wall space can be utilized for attaching open shelving. For even more space-saving benefits and trendy bathroom design, construct built-in custom shelving. For necessities such as bath towels and hand towels, they can easily be organized in an aesthetically pleasing way in a built-in or floating storage tower. Storage towers can be constructed and installed during remodeling or vertically secured to the wall or ceiling. Either way, the tower can easily hold neatly-rolled bath towels or other necessities which frees up closet, vanity and shelf space.

5. Let Us Remodel Your Bathroom

Quality DesignWorks is proud to assist clients with their bathroom remodel in Gainesville, FL. Our team focuses on space planning, storage solutions and creating a functional, visual design that is unique to the needs of each client — and much more! The bathroom ideas and design options are endless. With the vision of our clients, we can create a design for your small bathroom that radiates your style and emits the feeling of open space. Our designers ensure to take the time to educate clients of simple yet highly effective design features capable of creating the feel of a much larger space. For example, for clients who desire a bathtub but are concerned with the floor space a larger bathtub would consume; our designers would suggest bathtubs that are the same dimensions but are deeper than a standard tub. It’s the skill and experience of our home remodeling company that can amplify your bathroom space, no matter how small the room may be. To schedule a consultation for a bathroom remodel, contact us today!