Summertime Home Remodeling in Gainesville, FL

Have you been thinking of undergoing a new Gainesville home remodel but keep putting it off? Sometimes summer is the best time to start a home remodeling project. Making home improvements during the summer can provide you with great benefits during the hot months as well as help minimize the inconvenience to your family. At Quality DesignWorks, we provide home remodeling Gainesville, FL, residents can count on.

Projects Perfect for the Summertime

If you’re looking to make some home improvements this summer, these are some of the projects best suited for the season.

Create Shade

Summer is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy your home’s patio. However, when temperatures get really hot, it may not seem quite as appealing and can prevent you from using your outside grill or other outdoor features. In order to combat this, try creating more shade around these areas of your home. Your Gainesville, FL remodel could consist of planting new trees to create natural shade, while at the same time, breathing new life into your landscaping. You could also consider more traditional shade makers like porch coverings and umbrellas. Nowadays, there are so many styles and colors available that you are bound to find something that complements your home at a decent price.

Invest in New Windows

When temperatures get too hot in the summer to be outside or a big downpour is rolling in, the next best thing to being outside is being able to look outside. A big picture window can be a remodel Gainesville residents can choose to help them enjoy the beauty of summer even on its worst days, all from the comfort of inside your home. New windows can also minimize the heat in the summer and keep out the cold during the winter.

Repave Your Driveway

If you were thinking of re-paving your driveway after summer is over, think again. Cold temperatures can actually affect how well it paving adheres, possibly leading to unwanted repairs much sooner. Summer is also the best time to consider working on any walkways outside of your home.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

If you’ve ever wanted an outdoor kitchen, there is no better time to use it than during the hot months when you can be enjoying the outside with family and friends. That’s why it is a perfect remodeling project to start early in the summer. What’s the point of installing a beautiful, new outdoor kitchen during the winter simply to leave it unused? At Quality DesignWorks, we have the experience and equipment necessary to help with home additions Gainesville residents want during the summer such as outdoor kitchens.

Refinish Outdoor Surfaces

Home remodeling projects such as refinishing the deck, repainting the outside of your house, or re-oiling wood are best performed during the summer. They will be able to protect your property from the hot sun as well as give it a new look that you can better enjoy when spending time outside. The best part is that these are fast projects that won’t leave your patio out of use for too long when you want it most.

Gainesville, FL, Home Remodeling

Most home improvement projects are better suited for the summer months. If you have been wanting to give your home a new look, add a new feature or upgrade any aspect of it, Quality DesignWorks can help. Contact us today for home remodeling Gainesville residents will love.