Stuck with a small bathroom? We can help! The latest small bathroom ideas are both fresh and innovative, challenging homeowners to rethink the design, feel, and appearance of their bathrooms. Simple remodeling strategies and professional bathroom design from our Gainesville remodeling company can help you transform tiny washrooms into spa-like oases. Call us to schedule a showroom appointment and get started on your next remodeling project!

Be Smart With Storage

When it comes to making the most out of a small bathroom, strategic storage is key to maximizing space. Nothing clutters a room faster than an assortment of improperly stored items, and a bathroom that lacks organization can be one of the biggest culprits. While planning a home renovation — whether it’s a full bathroom renovation or a simple remodel — consider practical storage solutions to ensure that every inch of the room is utilized as intended. We recommend going through each item in the bathroom and disposing of items you either do not use or no longer want. Organize items you keep in containers to maintain order.

Make Use Of Wall Space

Linen closets and under-the-sink cabinets aren’t the only spaces in which towels and toiletries can be stored in the bathroom. For homeowners seeking to leverage all the benefits of a small washroom, we recommend going vertical — use bathroom walls and doors for extra storage designations, especially for items you use regularly, such as bath towels and over-the-door hanging racks. This alternative use of space likewise offers the benefit of less clutter in cabinets and closets and provides homeowners with easy access to the things they use most! Consider hanging up a medicine chest or a shelving unit where towels can be neatly folded.

Keep It Light & Bright

With regard to selecting colors and tones for a small bathroom, it’s best to avoid choosing dark colors and hues with stark contrasts — dark-toned paint and furnishings can cause an already small space to feel even smaller. For clients planning home additions and remodel projects, we often recommend choosing colors that both complement their home’s overall aesthetic and selecting designs that accentuate the space’s best features. By sticking to the lightest shades within a single color family for paint and furnishings, or even matching floor tiles to the wall color, homeowners can create a bright and airy feel that makes a small space seem larger.

Harness Reflectivity

Lighting and reflection are two key components for opening up a small, cramped space. Recessed lighting fixtures and other types of indirect lighting can be more forgiving than bare bulbs fixed within the ceiling. Harness the brightening powers of natural light by introducing a skylight or frosted-glass window to the space. Additionally, the more light that bounces around the bathroom, the larger the room will appear. Give the illusion of a bigger space by introducing large, tall mirrors and high-gloss fixtures — including tubs, sinks, showers, countertops, and backsplashes — to make your tiny bathroom feel and appear bigger than it is.