Though your second home may be called a snowbird home, when you’re there, you want to feel completely at home. It’s easy to settle into a routine each winter, yet something feels amiss or lacking. Consider these ideas from Quality DesignWorks for your home renovations in Gainesville and revamp your snowbird home today!

Give Yourself More Space

Sure, when you bought your snowbird home it was OK to use your luggage for extra storage space throughout the season. But now you’ve been here several years and the luggage just isn’t cutting it. A trick home remodeling Gainesville, FL residents turn to for more space includes building an addition. Whether it’s a closet in the bedroom, a bedroom over the garage or a new wing, an addition will prove useful.


Update Lighting & Plumbing Fixtures

Florida is the Sunshine State, but having indoor lighting that casts a yellow glow isn’t the same as cool, natural light. Updating the lighting in your home is a small renovation with a big impact, and it can also reduce your energy costs if you choose energy efficient fixtures. This same principle applies to the plumbing, such as replacing the shower head with a low-flow model.

Upgrade the Outdoors

As a snowbird, you already know Florida winters are temperate and mild, making them great for spending time outdoors. Adding or updating a porch, patio, deck or Florida room can quickly open up opportunities for enjoyment. These Gainesville home remodeling projects are relatively quick to complete, but with the help of a home remodeling company like Quality DesignWorks, we can create an outdoor space you’ll want to use year-round.

Swap Out Old Appliances for High-Efficiency

Even if they’re still functional, the appliances in your snowbird home may be due for an upgrade. If a full remodeling project isn’t in your budget or timeframe, one or two new appliances can make your home feel like new. Plus you’ll save money on utility bills each month by going with energy efficient appliances such as a dishwasher.

Sometimes a Remodel Means Downsizing

When most people think of Gainesville, FL home remodeling, it conjures ideas of expanding the living room or completely redoing the kitchen. But remodeling can also mean downsizing a room or two. Quality DesignWorks will work with you to change a space to better suit your seasonal needs.

Renovate Your Home in Gainesville

Just because you live in a home a handful of months each year doesn’t mean it needs to look like a seasonal home. Take advantage of the beautifully mild winters here where you don’t have to wait for the ground to thaw to build — make your home more convenient and welcoming with Quality DesignWorks’ award-winning team! As a design-build company, we create home additions Gainesville residents admire along with any custom renovation you can dream up. To start revamping your snowbird home today, call Quality DesignWorks!