Whether you intend on selling a home in Gainesville tomorrow or 10 years from now, chances are you’d like to receive the maximum value. One way to increase a home’s resale value is through renovations. Improvements to crucial home features can instantly raise home values, while other, ill-advised remodeling projects actually turn into sunk costs that are never recouped after the sale. If you plan to put a house on the market, check out these best (and worst) renovation ideas for boosting home values.

Remodeling Projects That Raise Your Home’s Resale Price

Home Maintenance

Before you consider grand aesthetics updates, the first investments should focus on necessary maintenance. Homebuyers won’t be all that excited about kitchen renovations or a bathroom remodel if the roof is leaking. So, before delving into the big-ticket projects, shore up the essential home features, such as the siding, shingles, and insulation. An efficient HVAC system is also vital to a high resale price. A realtor will have a much easier time selling your home for the maximum value if the A/C and heating systems run smoothly and are energy efficient.

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels

Remodeling projects range from kitchen backsplashes to home additions. Two of the best home remodels to boost resale values are updated bathrooms and kitchens. Design-wise, bathrooms are one of the first features that lose their contemporary appeal. Even a relatively new bathroom that’s been neglected can lose its luster for homebuyers. But with select upgrades — replacing the bathtub, showerhead, sink basin, and flooring — a remodeled bathroom will boost a property’s value more than the cost of the renovations.

Compared with bathroom upgrades, kitchen renovations tend to be extensive and require careful planning to make sure they’re finished in time for the home to sell. With months or even years to spare, the most cost-effective kitchen upgrades are appliances, countertops, and cabinets. On a shorter timeline, quick ways to refresh the look of a kitchen include a layer of paint and new handles for the cabinets and a new faucet installation.

Color Scheme

Repainting is a low-cost design update that has the potential for a big payoff. We’ve seen freshly painted walls add several thousands of dollars of value to homes for sale. But keep in mind that the tone of the paint matters, which is why it’s advisable to seek color advice from our designers. Neutral tones like gray or beige add the most value to homes, as these colors have widespread appeal. While it’s often less expensive to paint the rooms by yourself (one room cost around $200), professional painters help you avoid do-it-yourself painting disasters that wind up costing you more money to fix.


Home buyers in Gainesville prioritize landscaping. From backyard barbecues to flag-football games, outdoor activities are popular with locals. The more attractive a home’s lawn, the better chance that home will sell at a high price. Here are cost-effective ways to beautify a yard.

  • Basic lawn maintenance with fertilizer and weed control is a minor investment with a major upside. Professional maintenance performed annually yields maximum curb appeal.
  • A stone walkway is a reasonably priced update that both protects the lawn from foot traffic and adds aesthetic value to the home. Plus, most remodelers will tell you that homes gain more value from stone walkways than homeowners spend to install them.
  • Before putting a property on the market, hire arborists to trim unruly trees and bushes. Tree-trimming services are a low-cost investment with massive upside for home values.

Renovations That Can Sink A Home’s Value

While some renovations bring sizable returns, others are best avoided because they risk sinking the resale values of homes. One-of-a-kind design features tend to be the most challenging to sell, whereas houses with broadly appealing renovations sell easier. A bathroom remodeled in neutral colors, for example, adds more value than a gold and lime-green color scheme. The functional benefits of renovations also play a role with certain homebuyers. An outdoor deck and patio can attract buyers because it opens up the space for barbecues and activities. Adding a water fountain to the front yard, on the other hand, won’t add much to the general appeal of the home.

Quality DesignWorks not only has the advice you need to properly renovate your home. We also have a talented team of professional designers and builders who can implement your design ideas on budget and right down to the finest of details. For quality home remodels, call our design-build company in Gainesville in today.