Your pet’s home is your home. Planning a home remodeling project can be stressful, and factoring in your furry friend to the mix can add to that stress.

It’s estimated that more than 61 percent of U.S. households currently have one or more pets or plan to own an animal in the near future. With the prevalence of pets in millions of homes across the country, pet-owners who plan to renovate their living spaces must consider a few important points both before construction begins and while the renovation takes place.

Keeping Pets Safe

Safety is a crucial part to every home renovation project. These tips from Gainesville Florida home remodeling experts, Quality DesignWorks, will help you keep your pet safe and happy throughout the remodeling process and reduce your stress along the way.

Make a Plan Ahead of Time

A great way to reduce stress is to be prepared before starting your home remodel. Start with making a detailed plan that includes the renovation start date, ideas for pet home improvement projects and some tips for keeping your pet comfortable during construction. Compile a checklist for each day of your home renovation plan to help you feel prepared for each day, from contacting a company for home remodeling Gainesville, FL residents trust, to redecorating your newly renovated space.

Communicate Your Needs

Communication is the key to remodeling success. Remodeling in a home usually means entrusting contractors to complete your desired renovation while considering your specific needs. When pets are put in the mix, it’s important to communicate with your contractor and share both your and your pet’s needs and preferences. Quality DesignWorks contractors will ensure that both you and your pet enjoy a stress-free renovation experience from start to finish.

Take Precautions During Construction

When home renovations take place, there can be many dangers for pets. There are often loose objects scattered, like cables and wiring, that can be hazardous to pets; power tools that can cause injuries; and debris and dust covering most of the surfaces surrounding the project. Home renovation experts at Quality DesignWorks recommend closing off areas being renovated from your pets and keeping an eye on them in case they try to sneak in. If you are looking to spruce up your Gainesville, FL home remodeling is a great way to get the aesthetic and functional results both you and your pet can enjoy.

Designing With Pets in Mind

Whether it’s a simple modification or a major home-makeover, home improvements for pets is a great way to improve your pet’s accessibility, comfort and overall enjoyment in your home. From setting up perches and shelving for cats to explore on to installing heated floors for aging pups with muscle aches, Quality DesignWorks will work with you to design and build pet home-improvements that you and your pet will love.

Make Use of Pet-Friendly Upgrades

For homeowners who have pets, the needs of their furry friends as important as their own. Though your house may not have been designed to cater to your pet’s needs, you can make simple home-additions that improve your pet’s time spent indoors.

For pets who spend time both indoors and outdoors, adding a step-in shower with a half-wall enclosure to clean your pet after outside play is great way to minimize chances for your pet to track dirt into your home.

Homeowners with indoor-only cats should consider adding a cat patio, or catio, to their home, to allow their feline friends the freedom of enjoying the outdoors, while keeping them safe from harm in an enclosed space.

To ensure your Gainesville Florida home remodeling project satisfies both you and your pet, call us today to set up a consultation.

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