Small Remodeling Projects That Make Large Impacts On Home Sales

If you’ve decided to list a home for sale, odds are you’ve thought about renovating at least a part of it. After all, renovations improve the curbside appeal and boost resale value. However, home remodeling projects also can be time-consuming — not to mention costly. That is unless you use these budget-friendly remodeling ideas from Quality DesignWorks. After these quick and easy renovations, you’ll have potential home buyers lining up and reaching for their wallets to buy your home!

Kitchen Enhancements

Without a doubt, much of everyday life happens in kitchens, making them the focal points of most homes for sale. But don’t stress over renovating every square inch. Even a modest kitchen remodel — replacing the fridge and sink fixtures and maybe resurfacing the cabinets or countertops — is enough to make a home more salable.

Bathroom Revival

A complete bathroom remodel can significantly increase your home’s resale value. That said, time and money are usually the deciding factors against a full remodel. However, a handful of lower-cost upgrades — upgraded shower head, new mirror, a fresh coat of paint — will go a long way toward improving a bathroom’s appeal to home buyers.

Siding Upgrade

Year-round sun, rain, and wind in North Florida put a beating home siding. Sometimes siding looks poor but is merely dirty, in which case replenishing it is as easy as hiring landscapers to pressure wash the exterior. Even if you must replace dented or cracked siding, this can be a blessing in disguise: new siding makes even older homes look modern. When it comes to picking siding, you have many options. Because of its low cost and versatility of colors and styles, vinyl is the most popular choice in Gainesville; other materials worth your consideration are brick, stucco, and wood. A designer at Quality DesignWorks can advise you on which type of siding most fulfills your goals for the home.

New Flooring

Floors are one of the first things people notice in a home. Yet in high-traffic areas, like the kitchen and living room, they can get beat down after few years. New flooring in these areas not only makes the home functional. It entices potential buyers by allowing them a glimpse at the home’s potential. If you can’t pony up for a total floor replacement, instead elect to do smaller repairs. Improvements like refinished hardwood surfaces, replaced cracked tiles, or steam-cleaned carpets make rooms fresh and clean.

Door & Window Replacement

When you consider how often doors and windows are opened and closed in your home, it’s no wonder they develop drafts over time and need replacing. New windows and doors can make your home more energy efficiency — a big selling point for buyers — as well as heighten its visual appeal.

Landscaping Improvements

As they pull into the driveway, the first detail home buyers will notice isn’t the bathroom and kitchen renovations but rather the landscaping. No matter how big or small they are, most yards offer massive potential for improvements. And many of these can be accomplished during a weekend. For example: trimming trees and shrubs, adding mulch, and planting seasonal plants and flowers will breath new life into even the most tired lawns and gardens.

Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

You know which renovations to undertake to more easily sell your home. Now it’s time to learn the pitfalls to avoid during those projects. These mistakes can slow the pace of a remodeling project to a crawl, or even derail it completely. But your awareness of them upfront can help you keep home improvements on track.

Don’t Rush The Project

A successful remodeling project starts with a thorough plan before any work begins. Finalizing every detail before the design and build stages will reduce work stoppages and other headaches down the road.

Review Not One But Several Design-Build Companies

A lot of prep work goes into selling a home. But as you get into the process, some tasks can seem more like tediums. However, taking shortcuts when hiring contractors is never a good idea: you want the right builder to fulfill your vision. So check out several design-build companies in Gainesville. Interview team members at each, and check their references and insurance. These steps let you make sure your builders will carry out your remodel from start to finish.

Create A “Realistic” Budget

When it comes to remodeling your home, a realistic budget is one that has wiggle room. We recommend estimating the cost of the projects and adding 20 percent for a budget. That cushion takes care of unexpected matters, such as lost supplies or uncovered electrical problems. We’re not saying these will happen. But once you begin a remodel, the possibility of issues is worth planning for.

Stick To The Plan

Once you’ve planned out a project, stick to the strict as best you can. Each additional element or modification you make puts extra stress on your budget. When you’re ad-libbing through a remodel, a low-budget project can quickly become a high-priced nightmare. But when you follow the plan from start to end, your spending tends to stay within its parameters.

There’s Such A Thing As Too Frugal

A little frugality goes a long way toward helping you stay on budget during a remodel. Too much, however, can be self-defeating, limiting the brilliance and sales impact of your renovations. If you can finish a project by yourself without sacrificing quality, that’s a great low-cost approach. On the other hand, most renovations take professional designers and builders to accomplish. To avoid disappointment later, call Quality DesignWorks today. Our team not only understands residential remodeling. We also know the Gainesville housing market and which upgrades will give you the most bang for your buck!