Before homeowners begin a remodel, they should consider how the materials they use will make their home more functional, durable, and profitable. A common notion regarding home remodels is that expenses should be kept as low as possible. But that’s actually a fallacy. In reality, spending a little bit more to upgrade to high-end building materials can add several times that amount of value to the property.

Low-quality materials might help save on upfront costs, but they also cause homeowners to leave money on the table when the house sells. Plus, homeowners needn’t wait for their home to sell to enjoy the fruits of their investment, either. Quality-quality features add immediate comfort and exclusivity to surroundings, so residents can relax and enrich their lives through family time or social gatherings as soon as the renovations are finished.

Selecting the right materials for one’s home is a personal experience, much like choosing an outfit for a special occasion. Professional designers can serve as sources of inspiration and help clients translate their ideas into detailed designs. To help you get started, our design-build company in Gainesville lists several examples of popular materials and features that will add refinement, value, and longevity to residential renovations.

Acrylic Panels

These durable wall panels add a splash of color or an intricate pattern to the bathroom. They have no unsightly grout lines, and the water-resistant material keeps away mold and mildew from bathroom areas that are prone to an infestation — the toilet, sink, and bathtub. Add the panels during the early stages of a bathroom remodel to enjoy the full benefits of the material. Round out the project with a white tub, sink, and toilet with nickel or bronze fixtures to create an intriguing, artistic, and attractive contrast to the clean, white canvas.

Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs are designed for accessibility, but they also make lucrative additions to any bathroom. With high walls (about 40 inches) and built-in jets on some models, these tubs hold more water than standard bathtubs and provide a more luxurious and enjoyable soak. Also, the fact that the walk-in tub is intended for seniors and individuals with physical disabilities can serve as an access point to a broad range of markets with home-buyers.

Kitchen Cabinets

Updated cabinets make any kitchen appear modern while also providing storage for food and cooking supplies. No matter your budget for kitchen renovations, there are cabinet upgrades you can accomplish. New cabinet installations are the most expensive option but give your kitchen the biggest transformation. Solid wood cabinets provide superior durability, while upgraded features can include adjustable shelves, built-in lights, and inserts to hold spices, utensils, or other items. A less expensive solution is to replace the doors, handles, and hardware. Swapping out nondescript doors for doors with detailed trims or elaborate designs creates a new level of excitement and reinvigorates the look and feel of old surfaces.

The least expensive option with regard to kitchen cabinet renovations is to update the appearance of the current cabinets with paint and new hardware. Since you’ll be saving money by not buying new cabinets, invest in premium paints, such as 100-percent acrylic paints that resist stains, scratches, moisture, and mildew. Regardless of how you procure a new look for your cabinets, the color and tone should complement other elements within the kitchen. Gloss-white cabinets are trendy for kitchen remodels in Gainesville — the clean, bright color makes the kitchen appear larger, which is a plus for entertaining guests.

Premium Appliances

Many homeowners choose to pair neutral- or bright-colored cabinets and countertops with stainless steel appliances for a dynamic color play that gives liveliness to, what many people call, the social hub of the house. Stainless steel appliances can include refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, and dishwashers. These appliances are in a higher price range compared to the average, non-stainless options, but the material is resistant to scratches, dents, and greasy thumbprints. Smart appliances are also trending. These appliances have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, interact with other devices, such as smartphones and smart speakers, and raise the cool factor of any home. Many remodeling companies employ design advisors who help clients choose appliances with the right form and functionality.

Hardwood Floors

These add a touch of elegance to your home. Wood floors make rooms appear warm while keeping indoor air cool and clean because, unlike carpet, hardwood doesn’t trap dust or debris. Hardwood floors are also low maintenance and scratch-resistant, and their colors won’t fade (with the use of proper treatments and hardwood floor cleaners). To accentuate the room designs, you can shuffle around rugs to give rooms a custom look based on the seasons or your personal design whims. Some hardwood floors are even specially designed for pet owners.

Quality DesignWorks specializes in a variety of home renovations, from room remodels to home additions. We can help you choose the highest-quality materials that fit your budget, so when the project is complete, your home’s resale value — and your personal comfort — is at its peak. Contact our remodeling company today to plan your home renovation.