The kitchen sink: Every home has one, but the sink style and its capabilities vary widely. As a homeowner or renovator, you understand the pros and cons of the current sink. If you are looking to revamp the kitchen, there’s a popular style of sink that is available that homebuyers desire — the chef sink. A chef sink, or sometimes known as a work station sink, can add a lot of convenience to the preparation of any meal.

If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, it’s time to take control of your sink area and identify whether or not it truly works for you. A chef sink might just be the “one thing” to simplify meal prep, quicken clean-up and provide current or future sellers with a hefty return on investment. Before your project begins, ask our design-build company how to best incorporate a chef sink in your kitchen.

1. Easy Meal Prep

No matter your level of cooking skills, every home chef appreciates streamlined meal prep. Whether you’re making your grandmother’s famous, all-day spaghetti sauce, or you’re prepping lunch for the week, a chef sink reduces prep time thanks to the following handy accessories:

  • Ingredient compartments
  • Utensil compartments
  • Cutting boards
  • Strainers

A centralized workstation that is attached to your sink allows you to easily and quickly complete everything from the beginning mise en place to a final sauce.

2. Fast Clean-Up

Kitchen sinks may also include sponge compartments, drying mats and drain boards. These clean-up accessories often secure onto the side of the sink or are built into the sink ledge. These tools typically detach and are washable by hand or dishwasher safe. Once the chef sink and all accessories are cleaned, utilize the extra storage space and surface area for everything from entertaining guests to packing lunches. The cutting boards easily act as a resting space for tasty treats or a sandwich making station.

3. Significant ROI

Now, let’s take a look at the financial aspects regarding installing a chef sink. One of the initial things to consider is whether your kitchen remodel design allows for an under-mount sink or drop-in (also called a top-mount) model. A drop-in sink model must fit your current sink space while an under-mounted sink requires installation and potential construction to surrounding countertop area. Once the method of installation is determined, move on to identifying the particular style you desire. The style dictates the cost, which varies depending on numerous aspects:

  • Material: Stainless steel, Silgranit, Fireclay, or SteelArt
  • Basin configuration: Single, Double, or Low divide
  • Size
  • Depth
  • Accessories: Cutting board, Colander, Compost system, Grid, Strainers, and Workstation

So, depending on your wants and needs, a chef sink can be a lucrative investment. Lucky for any person interested in adding a chef sink, a Gainesville kitchen remodel is very profitable. Even with only a minor kitchen renovation, up to an 80.2 percent ROI is possible. Therefore, for homeowners or renovators alike a chef sink is a great addition for a profitable home renovation.