Garages have more potential than just being a parking space for your cars. Lately there has been a trend for renovating garages as people are spending more time in them. Garage spaces can be used for practically anything with a little imagination and can become a new useful addition to a home. Rather than leaving your garage as the biggest source of clutter, renovate it for a more organized look or to turn it into a whole other room for you and your family to use. At Quality DesignWorks, we specialize in home additions Gainesville, FL, residents can count on for a complete reinvention of their garage space.

Improve Storage Space

Garages are mostly used for storage and no matter how much space you have, it always seems like you need more. In order to maximize your space, you need to install shelving to keep things organized and off the floor. You’d be surprised how quickly space opens up when things are placed on a shelf or hung on the walls rather than being left on the floor. Make sure to utilize all the space you have, that includes your ceiling. Most people don’t take advantage of this large area but by installing a ceiling storage system you can save space down on the floor for other things.

Fix Your Flooring

Many people leave the flooring in their garages untouched when they remodel. However, having a stained and cracked floor is unflattering and can even be dangerous.  Decorate concrete flooring can give your garage a one-of-a-kind luxurious redesign all the while providing a safe and smooth walking area.

Make it a Laundry Facility

Washer and dryers are large bulky machines that often take a lot of space. Not to mention that they produce noise when working. A great way to resolve both of these issues is by moving your laundry facility to the garage. This will free up space inside your home and keep the constant noise from echoing throughout your home. You can even create a station for folding and ironing clean laundry, all inside your garage.

Add a Kitchenette or Bathroom

When you find that there is a lack of space inside your home for new installations, turn to your garage. Adding a kitchenette in your garage will provide you with more storage space for cooking utensils, an expanded area to cook and shelving to store extra spices. You can even add another refrigerator to store more food. This is ideal for bigger families who require larger grocery shopping or when you have guests staying at your house for multiple days. Adding concrete countertops can add a touch of elegance and be more resistant to use. You can also build a guest bathroom in your garage. This is a great way to utilize your garage space to accommodate guests better.

Gainesville Home Remodeling

There are countless of ways to renovate your garage and use the space for something practical. In the end, the way you choose to remodel it should address the needs of your home and family. Garages can be turned into anything from game rooms to workshops, it just takes a little imagination and a team who can get the job done. At Quality DesignWorks, we can perform a garage remodel Gainesville residents can be satisfied with. Contact us today or visit our showroom.