Planning home renovations in Gainesville can be stressful. Factoring in the holiday season during your renovation can add to that stress. Whether you plan to start a renovation project during the holidays or would like to greet your guests with a newly-renovated space this holiday season, Quality DesignWorks shares tips that will help make protecting your remodel during the holidays a breeze.

Holiday Tips For Protecting Unfinished Remodels

Safety is a crucial part of every home renovation project, especially during the holidays. These tips from design-build company experts, Quality DesignWorks, will help keep your guests and family safe throughout your holiday remodeling process and reduce your stress along the way.

Make A Plan Ahead of Time

The best way to avoid stress and complications of a home remodel project is to make a plan before the hammers begin pounding away. This begins with maintaining open communication with your contractor from start to finish. Create and fill out a schedule for your holiday remodel and share it with your contractor to ensure you are both on the same page. Should any questions arise about a project, this schedule can serve as a reference point.

Know How & Where Materials Will Be Stored

When a remodeling project is underway, tools and building materials can take up space in your home. If you plan on entertaining guests this holiday season, it’s important to keep tools and building materials out of your holiday décor to free-up space better suited for entertaining your guests. In addition, tools and materials that are stored improperly can post safety hazards to your guests and loved ones.

Start With A Smaller Remodeling Project

Gainesville remodeling company Quality DesignWorks has experience completing home-remodeling projects in time for the holiday season. However, when time is limited, homeowners should consider the benefits of smaller remodeling projects to minimize the amount of space that will be under construction during the holidays.

Tricks For Preserving New Remodels During The Holidays

Once construction is complete, the next concern homeowners may have during the holidays is how to preserve their remodel during holiday festivities. Gainesville bathroom remodeling experts with Quality DesignWorks offers these tips to ensure your newly renovated home withstands the holiday season.

Decorate With Flexibility

Even with the most comprehensive plans, home remodeling can take unexpected turns that require flexibility. If one section of your home has just been remodeled, consider skipping the decorations in that area and focus on other rooms as well as your home’s exterior to preserve the newly renovated space and avoid potential damage caused by holiday decorations. For more tips on decorating for the holidays during home renovations, contact Quality DesignWorks today!

Consider Hosting Elsewhere

While hosting holiday festivities in your home may be tradition, welcoming large parties to a newly remodeled space may not be the best idea for preserving your upgrade. To prevent any potential damage from impeding a holiday party, ask a friend or family member if they could host the party at their house this year. By hosting guests elsewhere, you can rest assured that your newly remodeled home will be safe from holiday-related damage this season.

Prioritize Daily Cleaning

Should you decide to host holiday gatherings in your newly renovated home, it’s important to ensure that you make time for regular maintenance and cleaning after each gathering. Gather cleaning materials and tools ahead of time to ensure they are ready to use once your guests leave. Should your remodel require specific cleaning solutions or materials, shop for these ahead of time to make sure you have them on hand when you need them.

Holiday Renovations With Quality DesignWorks

Renovations don’t have to ruin your holiday plans. From expert kitchen remodels to advice for bathroom remodeling projects, you can count on Quality DesignWorks to help you achieve a home that you love. With a customer-focused approach in everything we do, we take your renovation idea and turn it into a reality, even during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Call us today to begin your holiday home renovation project!