Now that the holidays are over and we are well into the New Year, you may be thinking of taking on some new renovation ideas in your home. As a designer, I like to look back through the years at trends that are still making my clients smile.

Shaping Tile, Reclaiming Materials & More

One of the big home renovations trends includes geometric or graphic tiles. Tile patterns are an art as well as an investment. Try and think about what you will like for years to come. I do foresee graphic tiles going out of style eventually, but not anytime soon.

Another interior design trend that I hope sticks around forever is reclaimed material. It is important that we try and use old materials to accomplish new looks to minimize waste. I am finding that more and more, designers are trying to do this with their clients. The use of reclaimed materials such as glass, metal or wood has been trending for a few years, but ultimately has been around for decades in more green homes.

Formal dining rooms are a thing of the past and have been for many years. People today tend to make their homes more casual and comfortable. They are starting to realize that the great pleasures and experiences of this world should not be experienced based on a particular room and time but should be occurring in their everyday lives. This calls for a much more open design.

The last trend I am going to mention is minimal design. There can be many things to be discussed about minimal design for day and days (like whether it is too modern or contemporary, etc.). However you feel about minimal design, it all comes down to this: minimal design is a healthier way to live. It helps people focus more, clean of clutter, easier to clean and move through and around. I know some fellow designers along with myself are seeing this more and more with our clients.

If you’re ready to ditch outdated remodeling trends and look to the future of your home’s décor, then contact our design team at Quality DesignWorks. We’d be happy to renovate your home!