Home remodeling is often done to replace dirty, damaged and outdated décor to breathe new life into a home. However, this can be difficult for pet owners who life under constant fear of having their new things damaged or affected by their pets. This doesn’t mean that remodeling isn’t for them, however. There are ways to remodel a home while keeping your pets in mind that will benefit you and your home. At Quality DesignWorks, we provide home remodeling Gainesville, FL, residents can count on, and you can see some images of our work in our “before and after” photo gallery.

Hard Floors

Removing stains from carpet can be near impossible and when you have a pet, accidents can leave your carpet looking spotted throughout your home. The best and easiest way to void this is by replacing all carpet with hard floors during your Gainesville, FL remodel. Hard floors offer a more attractive appearance and durability than carpet and are much easier to clean without them becoming stained. Ceramic tile and decorative concrete are the best options when you have pets since they don’t show stains like other porous flooring might. Hardwood floors are another attractive option that are also easy to clean, just keep in mind that nails and claws can scratch them.

Match the Furniture

A big issue with furry pets is shedding. Dog and cat hair can be found on your furniture, your clothes, in your car, practically anywhere that you can imagine. Not only is fur difficult to clean up but it stands out like a sore thumb on furniture of a different color. The best way to combat this and avoid constant hair vacuuming is to match your furniture to your pet’s coat. For example, if you have a black cat, get a black couch. If you have a white dog, go for a white carpet.

Turn Toys into Décor

Scratching posts, pet towers and other pet furniture and toys often clash with your home’s décor. It’s hard to match carpet covered plywood and twine with nearly anything. The best way to maintain your pet’s entertainment and not affect your décor is to invest in pet furniture that resembles normal furniture or artwork. Nowadays, a lot of pet furniture is made of higher quality materials and in designs and colors that blend seamlessly into any room that can even act as an eye catching piece.

Synthetic Fabrics over Leather

Leather furniture may look appealing due to its easiness to clean, but claws and teeth can quickly tear it up. Rather than ending up with a chewed and torn leather couch, look into synthetic fabrics during your Gainesville home remodel. There are multiple synthetic fabrics out in the market that are used for furniture and are easy to clean, durable, resistant to bacteria, smells, stains and are pet-friendly.

Home Remodeling Gainesville, FL, Residents can Trust

At Quality DesignWorks, we specialize in home remodeling and home additions Gainesville residents can love. We can work on your home with your pet in mind so that you can better enjoy the new changes without having to worry about them being damaged or clashing with the needs of your pet. Contact us today for a remodel Gainesville, FL, residents can trust.