With summertime rolling around, the need for a functional and fun outdoor living space becomes more and more evident. From at-home weekends playing with the kids to cozy nights by the fireplace, your backyard or patio can serve a multitude of purposes — not just look pretty. All it takes is some creativity, a modest investment fund, and a talented home remodeling team to turn a barren old backyard into a magazine-cover wonder.

Ready to make the most out of your outdoor space? Consider these popular outdoor home additions for a more practical and stylish backyard or patio, and contact us to help you design and build the home of your dreams.

Patio With A Deck

Backyard Decks

Decks are a widely popular addition among homeowners. Whether it is bordering the house or a shed, having a deck can drastically increase your outdoor living space and add texture-variety to an otherwise dull yard. Installing proper decking involves more than just laying down planks, however. The right size, shape, and building materials for a backyard deck will largely depend on the limitations and features of the outdoor space as well as the deck’s intended uses.

With so many materials and layouts available for home decking, finding the right design might be overwhelming. Fortunately, our remodeling team can help you design and build a stylish, durable, and practical outdoor deck that will be the envy of your guests.

Tool Shed In Backyard

Tool Sheds

As you furnish your outdoor space with lounge chairs and patio décor you may eventually run out of space inside the house for storing unused items and garden equipment. The best solution to increase storage space is to install a shed in your backyard. Doing so can not only provide you with a dedicated space to store shovels, your lawnmower, and spare furniture, but also greatly enhance the look of your backyard.

There are hundreds of materials and design ideas available for outdoor tool sheds. To find the right design for your home, contact our remodeling experts right away. We will design and build a shed that satisfies your needs and complements the look of your outdoor space.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing invokes the feeling of summertime quite like grilling outside. There is just something so satisfying about hosting a BBQ for friends and family while enjoying the warm Florida weather. But for a truly unique cooking experience, get an outdoor kitchen. With a designated outdoor space for cooking, you can expand your home grill menu, cook more safely with full-size appliances, and enjoy an overall more stylish and comfortable outdoor space.

Ready to make your BBQ weekends unforgettable? Contact us today to learn more about our outdoor kitchen design and construction services. We have ample experience creating chef-style, cooking spaces — browse our project gallery for an inside look!

Home Garden

Home Gardens

Installing a home garden is perhaps one of the easiest ways to add flair and color to your outdoor space. From classic earth-toned clay pots topped with biannual perennials to extended flower beds accented with rustic décor — the possibilities to design a charming outdoor garden are truly endless! However, before you rush to the nearest plant nursery, we recommend developing a design plan first to save you time and money.

For help designing a home garden that complements your outdoor space, contact our home remodeling experts with Quality DesignWorks. Our team can survey your property, recommend gardening setups, and install hardscape materials to match your garden.

Pergola In Home Garden

Arbors, Pergolas & Gazebos

When designing a home garden, don’t just crowd your outdoor space with vegetation. Outdoor plants should accentuate and complement the layout and present features in your backyard rather than cover them. For better results, consider installing outdoor living structures, such as arbors, gazebos, and pergolas, to house your plants. Also, remember to plant Florida-native plants whenever possible, as these are more likely to withstand the hot summer weather.

Want to brighten up the inside of your home as well? For an indoor-garden alternative, consider a home addition to house your indoor plants. Adding a screened porch or a sunroom also allows you to enjoy the summer weather while remaining comfortably indoors.

Not sure what would go best in your backyard? Contact us today for more patio addition ideas and to schedule a showroom appointment.