A home addition is a transformational home enhancement project that offers a wealth of benefits for homeowners, home sellers, and family members! At some point, whether when first moving in or years down the road, the desire for home additions increases as families grow, take in in-laws, spend more time at home, and seek more enjoyable living spaces. Here, our home renovation contractors share the top four must-have home additions that will help you get more comfortable, your home more energy efficient, and your lifestyle more organized.

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Energy-Efficient Additions

Heat is a growing issue homeowners in North Central Florida are interested in tackling. One of the main causes of high heat in a home (along with surges in energy bills) is roofing materials. Invest in a cooler, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient upgrade during your home addition with a cool roof. Cool roofs reflect substantial sunlight instead of absorbing heat, which is customary for traditional roofs. Roofing materials designed for optimal cooling are available as sheet coverings, tiles, shingles, reflecting coatings, metal roofs, and more, meaning there are plenty of options for replacing or upgrading your existing roof!

In-Law Suites & Conversions

Where do your visitors stay when they visit? Could your home be more welcoming and offer more space for out-of-town family members, friends, or parents moving in? An in-law suite is a must-have and highly popular home addition for you or aging parents to spend more time in residential spaces. If you have a spare bedroom in your home, you might allocate it to mom or dad, but for aging parents who may benefit from a sense of independence and personal space for a longer time, in-law suites are the optimal choice. Focus the floor plan of your in-law suite home addition on accessibility and functionality, considering potential needs and safety concerns for today and in the future. Our design-build experts can craft a brand-new structure on your property or convert a garage, studio, or another existing structure into the perfect in-law suite!

Bump-Outs & Room Additions

A bump-out, also known as a micro-addition or smart renovation, is a type of home addition that usually adds about 10 square feet to an existing home. Though small, the bump-out can greatly affect your home’s footprint. These additions bump out from an existing interior wall in your home. Bump-outs can help make your living space feel substantially roomier without the time and cost of a major renovation. Similarly, room additions can be minor in scale, but they can also be significant, adding another 50-100 square footage or more to your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, sunroom, or other indoor space. Bump-outs and room additions can go far when it comes to increasing the livable size of your home, improving the value of your property, and increasing your enjoyability daily.

Storage & Organization Additions

Home organization is on the rise, with books, streaming favorites, and lifestyle blogs all featuring the topic, encouraging homeowners to find a dedicated space for each of their belongings. Take advantage of this move towards more storage-savvy living with home additions centered around organization at its best. Consider implementing style-forward storage that incorporates organized features that are stylistically pleasing and easily accessible. Our design-build contractors can craft a mudroom with built-in storage areas, cabinets, and fixtures, a luxe walk-in closet where getting dressed each day will be one of your favorite parts of the day, walk-in pantries with custom built-in shelves and storage capabilities, and much more. Find your ideal solution with a home addition from Quality DesignWorks!