Having a space to store all of your belongings can go a long way toward creating a beautiful, organized, and welcoming home atmosphere. One of the most popular reasons homeowners choose to remodel their homes is to gain additional storage space. What’s more, adding smart storage features doesn’t necessarily mean increasing your home’s square footage. That being said, if you want to leverage all the benefits of incorporating storage space into your home remodeling plan, you’re likely going to need some guidance from the pros.

For your next home remodeling project, follow these tips from Quality DesignWorks to maximize storage space.

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Plan Storage Before Remodeling

Some homeowners complete their home remodel without thinking about the space they need to store their belongings, causing clutter and lackluster organization. Whether you’re looking into a new kitchen design or a bathroom remodel, keeping your storage needs in mind during the planning process can help ensure the final results best accommodate your household. Think through all the items you need to stash, then work with your design-build remodeling team to make it happen! Skilled, qualified designers and builders can help you incorporate smart home storage ideas into virtually any room of the home for a customized, clutter-free fix.

Make The Most Of Your Interior Layout

Including a home addition in your remodeling plan offers numerous benefits when it comes to adding storage space to your living space. But homeowners can likewise assess the current layout of their interiors and identify areas that could be suited for home storage. For example, your home may have a few little nooks and crannies you might overlook, but they may actually be the best solutions to your storage problems. You don’t have to incorporate a floor-to-ceiling storage receptacle to achieve organization — utilizing smaller and shorter storage cabinets, and units can help free up room while maximizing storage space.

Use Storage As Display Pieces

Remodeling for home renovation storage might mean thinking differently about your belongings and how to store them. Renovations for storage don’t have to be boring and hidden from view, either. Collections deserve the spotlight, and well-done remodels can help add beauty to your home in a practical way. Built-in shelving is both aesthetically pleasing and useful for trinkets, family heirlooms, art, antiques, and any other types of items you want to show off. Our design-build experts can help ensure your shelving is just the right depth for either a single or double display of treasures — contact us today to discuss your home remodel inspirations!

Leverage Your Home’s Vertical Space

When it comes to home storage solutions for small spaces, we recommend that homeowners think vertical when looking for additional places to store their belongings. For example, bulletin boards are a common household hero for holding notes and photos, but they can also be used to store and display necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, all of which tend to tangle when stored horizontally. Use multi-tiered hangers to hang up ties, belts, and scarves, while freeing up closet space. During a bathroom remodel, consider adding a wall-mounted display or cabinet for storing cosmetics and other toiletries as well as stylish hooks for hanging up towels.

Whether you’re thinking of building onto your current layout or you want to remodel for maximized storage space in your home, our design-build remodeling team is here to help! Contact us for more storage and organization ideas or to schedule a showroom appointment.