For areas that we spend so much time in, most people are surprisingly unhappy with their laundry room’s design. That’s because most laundry rooms are either more like closets or have been crammed into other spaces, such as garages. However, a laundry room that functions well should have ample space for taking care of your clothes without feeling cramped. Because laundry room requirements are personal, the concepts behind a laundry room remodel should be personal as well. To help get you started, Quality DesignWorks shares some industry insight regarding laundry room remodel ideas.

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Reconsider How You Do Laundry

While many laundry rooms only consist of a washer and dryer, that’s not necessarily where clothing care ends. For delicates such as undergarments and silk or lace, handwashing is a must if you’re not dry cleaning. If you’re relegated to the bathroom for handwashing and air drying, think about adding a dedicated sink and drying rack to your laundry room. You can also use the sink to soak tough stains to save money and energy on rewashing.

Ironing is another part of clothing management. Even if you don’t iron often, you know how inconvenient it is when you’re lugging an iron board out from the back of a closet or setting up a makeshift ironing station on a table. In a laundry room, you could have a built-in ironing board or a dedicated hanging rack to store a standalone one.

Consider The Potential

For many people, a laundry room isn’t just for laundry. With proper shelving and cupboard space, a laundry room can also serve as a storage and utility space. For everything from batteries to cleaning supplies, step ladders to seasonal bedding, your laundry room can work double-time to help keep your home organized. Whether you have an existing laundry room that needs custom cabinetry or you’re wanting a home addition to expand on the space currently in use, maximizing your laundry room’s potential is an important consideration when it comes to remodeling. Thinking about your future goals can also help you determine what you might end up needing the extra space for.

Appliance Upgrades

A laundry room renovation is the perfect time to take a look at your appliances. Consider their age, efficiency, and usability. Also, think about the function of your washer. Top-load washers are less strenuous on your back and typically have shorter wash cycles. On the other hand, front-load washers usually use less water and offer larger load capacities, require shorter dry times, and allow you to use the top surface space for storage or folding space. If you’re going to be remaking the room, check out additional appliances, such as a clothes steamer. These work great as an alternative to dry cleaning, saving you money in the long run. Modern iron machines can also make ironing easier and more efficient.

Bonus Features

After you’ve considered your main goals, see if there is any room in your budget for extras that might make your laundry room not only more efficient but also more pleasant to be. If you mostly do laundry during the day, adding windows for natural light can also be worth looking into. Or, if you’re a laundry night owl, under cabinet lighting can likewise be helpful.

Adding counter space for folding is a good idea. Quartz is an ideal choice because it can stand up to bleach and other cleaners. Rods for immediately hanging clothes or drying wet clothes also maximizes on space. Color-coded hampers can reduce the amount of time you spend on sorting, especially if you have a large family. And last but not least, think about the overall style you want for your laundry room, which includes everything from the paint to decorations.

Finding The Right Remodeler

While there are some remodel DIYs that you can complete yourself, you’ll probably want to rely on the expertise of a design-build contractor. A professional will be able to help you navigate problems that arise and may have cost-cutting insights for the project. A reputable remodeling company should provide you with an estimate for the full cost, though be prepared for unexpected issues. It’s also beneficial if the company has access to a showroom where you can visualize your project and purchase counters, cabinets, and more all in one place. Check out our project gallery for an inside look at some of our laundry room remodeling projects.