Your living room is where you gather friends and cultivate memories with family members. As with your kitchen, your living room is one of the most important areas of your home. If you desire more space in your home, consider investing in home additions, such as a living room addition, rather than searching for a larger house. For many homeowners, additions prove these smart investments increase living square footage and boost their home’s market value.  Additions can range from grand bump-outs and standard expansions to elegant micro-additions and minor upgrades while optimizing your floor plan and adding comfort. As Gainesville’s full-service, design-build home remodeling company, we are dedicated to providing homeowners with custom-designed, top-quality residential remodeling and construction services. Contact us today to schedule a showroom appointment.

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Custom Living Room Expansions

When it comes to expanding living spaces with living room additions, there are unlimited options for the room’s layout, customized features, and overall aesthetic values. Our home remodeling contractors and design experts with Quality DesignWorks can help you realize your dream home with living room addition ideas that create the ideal environment for your home. From living room renovations to full-scale additions, our team is dedicated to creating the family area of your dreams! Check out our project gallery for inspiration for your next project.

Is A Living Room Addition Worth It?

There are plenty of reasons you should consider increasing the space in your living room. For homeowners who love to host guests, additional space can accommodate more people for celebrations, events, holidays, and other occasions. For those who plan to expand their family, increasing this space can help foster a more welcoming and comforting environment for all family members. When pursued professionally and diligently, a custom living room addition can serve to breathe new life into your residential property by providing you with the following benefits.
  • An Increase In Square Footage
  • Higher Property Values
  • More Cost-Effective Than Moving
  • Greater Cohesion In-Home Layout
  • Enhanced Functionality & Comfort
  • Expanded Space For More People 

Custom Living Room Additions

Increasing the size and space within your home requires acute attention to detail throughout the home addition process. From planning and material selection to construction and the final walkthrough, our design-build team invites clients to leverage our expertise and resources to benefit their homes. We work closely with each client to develop a layout and design that complements their home décor, accommodates the room’s intended use, and matches their vision and style. Regardless of the project’s size, our team uses the highest quality equipment, materials, and craftsmanship to transform your living space.

Standard Addition

Standard addition is among the most common ways homeowners pursue an addition to their living room. As with a home extension, a room addition involves the construction of an additional building structure, followed by integrating that structure into the rest of the home. Building out your living room may involve adding a room to the existing living room at ground level. If you want to expand your living room area without increasing your home’s footprint, then building up (rather than out) with a second-story addition is an excellent option.

Living Room Bump-Out

A small room addition, also referred to as a bump-out, is a popular choice for homeowners seeking expansions to their current living room. Bump-outs are a highly viable option for adding greater living room space to your home without a complete addition’s full-scale construction and cost. Bump-outs can extend as far as 10–15 feet from the house, though tiny pop-outs can be as short as 2 feet in length. Due to their minimal size, bump-outs don’t substantially change the home’s exterior appearance, offering a more seamless transition for homeowners.

Uniquely Shaped Addition

Homeowners may desire a living room addition for “fun” rather than for “function.” In this case, creating an addition showcasing a unique shape, such as a many-sided living room addition, may be your ideal solution. Some popular options include hexagon-shaped living room additions (six walls) as well as octagon-shaped additions (eight walls). These are common choices for homeowners seeking to show off their lawns and gardens, as the geometric walls allow for an opportunity to install numerous windows. Additions featuring an unconventional shape can help create a truly unique atmosphere for entertaining and lounging.

Sunroom Addition

Another visually appealing choice for a living room addition is a sunroom. Sunrooms are glassed-in living spaces usually attached to the house and accessible from an interior room, such as the living room or family room. This option is ideal for residents in Gainesville and North Central Florida, with a warm climate and plenty of sunshine. Sunrooms can include thermal-resistant glass and features that optimize temperature regulation for a space that looks stunning and feels fantastic. Another benefit to these rooms is they are highly energy-efficient due to their smaller square footage and customized green features. Kitchen Remodeling in Gainesville, FL

Conservatory Addition

Conservatories comprise a variety of sunrooms ideal for homeowners who desire to showcase flora with a glass roof and walls. For homeowners with lovely backyards and garden spaces, a conservatory may be an excellent home-addition option. These additional spaces can be dressed up or down, depending on the aesthetic preferences of the homeowner as well as the other interior spaces. These spaces likewise offer the benefit of providing indoor spaces where pets can enjoy natural sunlight while indoors. You can choose endless options if you decide to add a conservatory to your living room space. 

Vaulted Ceiling Additions

High or vaulted ceilings offer an effective way to make maximum impact with your living room addition. Large, open, and airy spaces are highly attractive in residential spaces and can even increase buyer appeal and resale value down the road. High ceilings carry the benefit of creating an optical illusion of a larger space. This optimizes the value of your addition by visually making the room appear more spacious. If you’ve always dreamed of owning a home with vaulted ceilings, building a room addition can help you achieve that goal, as including ceiling specifications in your addition plan is far easier than adding vaulted ceilings to an existing room.

Full-Scale Living Room Addition

Residential owners hoping to transform their living-space vision into a tactical reality may find that a full-scale living room addition best accommodates their goals for expansion. Whether residents intend to expand their family or they simply require more space for comfort, functionality, and aesthetic purposes, a full-scale addition can serve as a solution to make the most of their property. Some homeowners may choose to add 1,000 square feet to their home, extending the area of their living room space with customized features abound. Our team can help you craft your ideal layout, with attractive storage solutions and a keen eye for design.

Green Home Addition

Another great use of a living room addition is to construct a green or eco-friendly space in the home. Considering the initial cost of building onto a living room, customizing your addition to accommodate high energy efficiency will help offset costs of the new space over time. Homeowners can choose to install solar panels on the addition, which can help power the room itself as well as other spaces in the home. They may also choose only natural and sustainable materials to craft their living room addition. Insulating their home’s foundation through the construction of concrete or a floating cement slab as a base for the addition can help keep the indoor space comfortable and offset heating and cooling costs.

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