As homeowners embark on a remodel—whether a full home addition or simply modernizing with a bathroom remodel—they typically look at changes to make in the bathroom. Once the larger elements of a bathroom renovation are sorted, like a new bathtub or shower, the faucets and fixtures, and the flooring, it’s time to choose the accents. While they may seem subtle, accents like lighting can transform any bathroom’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Whether your bathroom is smaller or offers a wealth of livable space, proper lighting that fills the space is essential. Appropriate, creative writing can make your bathroom a glowing showcase. Consider the types of lighting in this guide from Quality DesignWorks to make your new bathroom remodel shine! Get started on your Gainesville bathroom remodel; contact us today to schedule a showroom appointment!

Task Lighting

If your newly remodeled bathroom will be the focal point of your daily grooming routine, task lighting will be a particularly important addition to your space. As its name suggests, task lighting is designed to aid you in performing specific tasks. It can provide a concentrated light source in a specific area to increase functionality and visibility. Task lighting is typically brighter than natural, general, or decorative lighting, and it’s often located at the vanity. Still, it can also be placed in or around the shower, specifically in larger bathrooms. Installing vertical cross-lighting at eye level is the best way to achieve even task lighting free from shadows.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is among the most valued and sought-after types of lighting throughout the home, but it can be a particular asset in the bathroom. Natural light is not just great for bringing daylight into any space. Still, it can also offer a plentiful source of ventilation, which is particularly crucial for high-humidity zones like the bathroom. Natural lighting should comprise a minimum of 10% of the total floor area in the bathroom to achieve an airy, open, and enjoyable feel. At Quality DesignWorks, our design-build team can replace old, drafty, outdated windows with brand-new, energy-efficient windows that open and close without fuss. We can also add windows to exterior walls for even more natural lighting and ventilation.

General Lighting

General lighting offers a comfortable, radiating brightness to a mid-to-large-sized room area, enabling safe walking and operation in that area. Also commonly referred to as ambient lighting, general lighting is typically dimmer than accent and task lighting. The importance of adequate lighting in the bathroom shouldn’t be understated. Biologically, good lighting can stabilize the circadian rhythm, while on an aesthetic level, beautiful, well-placed, and creative lighting can enhance your experience in the bathroom. As a general rule of thumb, the larger the bathroom in your home, the more general lighting you will need to cast out any potential for darkened corners or dim areas of the space.

Layers Of Light

For homeowners with a specific vision, there’s seldom a one-size-fits-all solution to lighting fixtures. No catch-all lighting does it all, but your vision may better be achieved through light layers. While no single layer of light can stand on its own, combining task lighting, accent lighting, decorative lighting, and ambient lighting in an artistic manner will highlight the focal point of the bathroom, enhance functionality, and increase visual interest in a way that feels clean, calm, and completely luxurious. A room with just decorative lighting can distract the eye from the bathroom’s focal points, while accent lighting alone can create a feeling similar to that of a museum. However, layering all essential lighting types can take the bathroom to the next level.

Lighting Dimmers

Just as the fixtures chosen for illuminating your newly remodeled bathroom are important to the room’s functionality and design, so are lighting characteristics, such as hue, intensity, quality, energy efficiency, and the potential for dimming. A light dimmer is a device connected to a light fixture that changes the voltage waveform applied to the lamp and is used to reduce the brightness of the light. Adding recessed lighting with dimmers and a backlit vanity mirror for the perfect combination. Installing dimmer switches will allow you to control the lighting in your bathroom. This is great for large bathrooms that could benefit from added ambiance or fully lit interiors in a matter of seconds.