Whether it’s in fashion or interior design, trends usually have a limited shelf life. Home improvement TV shows are a great source for remodeling inspiration, but it’s hard to predict how long trends will be in style for. Quality DesignWorks, a design-build company in Gainesville, wants to help you avoid dating your home, especially if you don’t plan to redecorate or redesign often. Here are some remodeling trends you may want to skip or at least think twice about.

Patterned Floor Tiles

Patterned tiles provide the option to make the floor the focal point of the room. With so many graphic patterns and types of tiles available, the ways to personalize bathrooms are almost endless. But are you sure you won’t be sick of the pattern in a few years? Tiled flooring is expensive to install during a bathroom remodel and equally expensive to remove and replace if a plumbing issue appears. Plus, your favorite pattern may be a dealbreaker for a potential home buyer. Practice with a patterned rug or two before committing to patterned floor tiles.

Mounted Faucets & Sinks

Notable for looking tidy and being easy to clean, wall-mounted faucets and counter-mounted sinks are an example of a voguish bathroom or kitchen remodel Gainesville, FL, homeowners often ask for. But remember these fixtures are still attached to plumbing, even if the pipes are out of sight, behind a wall. This could be an inconvenience if you need plumbing repairs or maintenance. Traditional installation of fixtures allows for easier accessibility to pipes and fittings without the need to tear out a wall.

Open Showers

One of the biggest Gainesville bathroom remodeling trends has been open showers. These are known for their modern look and their accessibility, especially among people with mobility issues. If you are considering a shower without a door or threshold, make sure its engineering is correct from the beginning. Without proper drainage and plumbing, the bathroom floor will be covered in water with every shower, which creates a major safety hazard.

Barn Doors & Wooden Details

Quality DesignWorks has heard several reasons for installing barn doors during a Gainesville, FL, kitchen remodeling project, such as easier access to a pantry. Yet, the demand for barn doors increased nearly overnight, and as most fleeting trends, they likely won’t remain in high demand for many years.

Ceilings with wood treatments or details have also gained traction in the last few years. While these details are fine for some areas of the ceiling, they should be avoided in certain rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Moisture and wood don’t go well together, and steam is a constant source of moisture in kitchens and bathrooms. So, consider potential water damage and mold and mildew growth before installing too many wooden details in these rooms.

Exposed Pipes & Plumbing

Paying tribute to the Industrial Age by leaving the pipes and plumbing on display is a trend for bathroom remodeling Gainesville, FL residents sometimes choose when old buildings are converted into living spaces. Exposed pipes seem practical for access, and they can be relatively easy to replace when the trend fades. However, keep in mind that not everyone wants the risk of touching a hot pipe after stepping out of the shower.

Detached Bathtubs

Detached or freestanding bathtubs can make almost any bathroom look luxurious. Large enough to truly enjoy a bubble bath, these tubs have been a staple of many remodeled master bathrooms for years. But luxury comes with the cost of giving up precious floor space and incurring higher water bills if the tubs are used regularly.

Design-Build Company In Gainesville

A great way to avoid feeling stuck with an outdated trend after remodeling Gainesville, FL, homes is to hire a trusted design-build company such as Quality DesignWorks. Our team of designers can help you maintain your personal style and achieve a modern aesthetic in your kitchen or bathroom while avoiding regrettable choices. We take the time to understand what you like, dislike and ultimately want out of a home. The end result is an elegant and functional bathroom, kitchen, or other room that you and loved ones can enjoy for years to come. To begin planning a remodeling project that stands out beyond fleeting trends, contact Quality DesignWorks today!