Aging in place is a widely popular decision among homeowners planning for the future. For Gainesville homeowners, benefits of aging in place include the ability to make their own decisions, maintenance of community ties and relationships, as well as the freedom and dignity that come with aging in their own homes. Making the decision to age in place requires homeowners to plan for upgrades and alterations to their current living spaces that will accommodate their needs in the future and help make aging in place as comfortable and pragmatic as possible. Gainesville remodeling company Quality DesignWorks shares tips on how to make the best decisions when remodeling for aging in place.

Length of Stay

As with any financial expenditure, such as home remodeling, your first step should be working through a decision process before the project starts. Ask yourself whether you plan on moving from your current residence. Identifying how long you will remain in your current home will help in deciding which renovations are necessary for aging in place. Making minor home modifications are fine for short-term living spaces, but you may decide to spend money on a major home remodel for aging in place in your next home. Even if you decide to move in the near future, investing in your current residence could help increase the overall property value and be useful when listing your home for sale. From a simple bathroom renovation to a total kitchen remodel Gainesville, FL home remodeling experts at Quality DesignWorks can help modify your home to meet your needs and preferences.

Assess Remodeling Benefits

For many homeowners planning for the future, living well means living in the comfort of their own home. As people age, physical challenges can make home remodeling a necessity to accommodate new needs. It’s important to assess which remodeling projects will best suit your lifestyle, preferences and needs before starting construction in order to save money and time both in the short and long term. When planning for kitchen and bathroom remodeling Gainesville, FL, homeowners look to Quality DesignWorks for professional results they can count on.

Gainesville Kitchen Remodeling

In Gainesville, FL, kitchen remodeling for aging in place can be stressful, but doesn’t have to be with help from our experienced Quality DesignWorks team. Second to bathroom remodeling, kitchen renovations are the next best place to upgrade for aging in place. Consider replacing vinyl or linoleum flooring with non-slip flooring options to avoid serious injuries from slippery messes in your kitchen. Next, plan to renovate your kitchen by lowering the height of cabinets and countertops to accommodate wheelchair and scooter accessibility. Last, inspect your kitchen’s entryways. If they are too narrow for a wheelchair or scooter, consider hiring a trusted Gainesville remodeling company to widen them for ease of passage.

Gainesville Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is a great place to start in renovating for aging in place. Start by installing grab bars to ensure safety and ease of mobility for seniors. Grab bars can help prevent dangerous falls due to slippery tubs, shower stalls and floors. Installing a walk-in-tub or curbless shower is another great way to ensure optimal bathroom safety and accessibility throughout your aging process. Gainesville bathroom remodeling experts, Quality DesignWorks has experienced designers and contractors on site to help you get the most out of your aging in place renovation projects.

Put Together a Financial Plan

Remodeling for aging in place can often be complicated by limited financial resources. The first home renovation investment you should make is roof-repair or replacement. A faulty or damaged roof will make even the best of homes completely unlivable, making it a necessity for all homeowners looking to preserve a home’s longevity. Investing in your home in the short term can save you a lot of money in the future and help make aging in place a stress-free process. As with any investment for the future, it’s important to get the results you want and the quality you expect from a home remodeling company. Renovations are usually an all-or-nothing investment. Quality DesignWorks provides you with the professional services, long-time expertise and quality renovation results to help streamline and simplify your aging in place renovation plans.

Choose a Company for Home Remodeling in Gainesville, FL

Quality DesignWorks is the leading design-build company for bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom renovations Gainesville homeowners can rely on for making the best decisions for their aging in place process. Renovating your home to plan for your needs in the future is easy with our team of experienced designers and contractors. Contact us today for a consultation!