More and more, homeowners are choosing to remodel their current home rather than building or moving somewhere else.

While we applaud those homeowners who aren’t ready to give up on their current living space, there are many people out there with horror stories of spending beyond their budgets by nearly 50 percent!  Even contractors will tell you that it is hard to give an exact price for a job because there are so many unforeseen situations and circumstances;  however, sticking to a budget is possible if you are realistic in your pricing and committed to making some tough decisions.

Tips for Sticking to a Remodeling Budget

We, as contractors and designers, would advise you to budget at least 20 percent over what you think you should allot for your renovation. Knowing what you want and doing some homework on your own will help you better stick to your project goals.

For example:

  • Do you want more prep/clean-up space in your kitchen design?
  • Do you want your cooking an dprep spaces to be two separate areas?
  • Do you want a better flow through your work triangle space?
  • A person who wants pro-style cooking appliances, but is rarely home and eats out a lot, may want to re-prioritize what the most important factors are regarding his or her kitchen remodel ideas.

Prioritizing your remodeling project “wants” is one of the hardest decisions to make initially, but being able to make the decision yourself (rather than having a design-build designer tell you what you want) will help you stay on track with your budget and goals. First, make a list of everything you want in a home renovation. To help you in determining which “wants” are most versus least important, consider the way you currently use the space and how you might want to use it after your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

  • All home remodeling projects: Where do you spend the most time in your project space?
  • Kitchen remodeling projects: Do you spend a lot of time at the sink/clean up area? The range?
  • Bathroom remodeling projects: Do you spend a lot of time grooming? Does one of your “wants” include a new whirlpool tub?

Thinking this way will help you make that list of priorities.

The designers at our design-build company can help you accomplish your goals and realize the impact of your decisions, but you are the expert of your lifestyle and know it better than anyone else. Make decisions that work best for you and your project space.

If you’re ready to begin a project involving bathroom remodel ideaskitchen cabinet designs or any home renovation project, stop by our showroom and find out if we’re the right contractor for you.