As a greater number of people begin to work from home, the demand for home office additions likewise increases. But, while some traditional in-office workers might revel in the idea of ditching their cubicles and working remotely, the truth is that without a dedicated workplace setting, hardly anything will get done. Even worse, without the right design approach, even the most spacious home offices could impede productivity. To help you design and build a home addition that is both functional and attractive, contact remodeling contractors at Quality DesignWorks today. Our design team will help you choose the best materials and features for your home office that will help your productivity and sense of accomplishment. In the meantime, check out our tips for having a home office space that actually works.

Location Is Key

The location of a home office within the layout of the house can impact the ‘feel’ of the room. Those looking for peace and quiet might be tempted to repurpose into a home office the smallest and most secluded space in the house. Doing so could make your room feel isolated, claustrophobic, and detached from the work-life balance you should instead be focusing on. Instead, have your office be the heart of your home so you can benefit from the added sense of openness. If you need time to concentrate, free of distractions, then furnish your office with soundproof doors and high-quality curtains. Don’t fall into the trap of recreating that dingy cubicle you fought so hard to leave behind. If you need help identifying an optimal space within your home for a home office, our remodeling company in Gainesville can help.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

A cluttered workspace often yields a cluttered mind. Do yourself a favor and get rid of anything non-essential. Don’t overdo it with office décor or stacks of paperwork. Minimalism is your friend here — the more clutter-free space, the better. Think about how during kitchen remodeling, the addition of a kitchen island provides the chef with ample space to plan, prepare, and cook. Similarly, your office space should feel liberating, not restrictive, and offer enough space for you to comfortably complete daily tasks. If you require storage space for supplies and other belongings, built-in cabinetry is a good option for keeping your office organized and clutter-free.

Use Natural Lighting

Start your daily tasks by basking in the morning sunlight. Allow for natural light to fill and breathe new life into your workspace. Ideally, your studio should be facing east, and have tall, clear windows. If you work on a computer, make use of window coverings or a decent screen filter to get rid of any screen glare. Among the number of benefits associated with a home office renovation is the ability of a homeowner to tailor the design of their workspace to accommodate their needs and preferences — our home remodeling experts can help you throughout each step of the design-build process for the ideal in-home working space.

Sit Comfortably

Perhaps the most important piece of furniture in your office is your desk chair. If you are to sit on it for extended periods of time, it makes sense for your work chair to be of the highest quality possible. Don’t skimp on your work chair — working in an uncomfortable, generic work chair may detract from your ability to work for extended periods of time. Instead, get yourself a proper ergonomic desk chair designed for extended use so as to protect you from back pain and discomfort. Additionally, aim to position your desk and chair away from any walls, preferably facing the room’s main door, and nearby a window to harness the natural light.

Control Noise

Getting rid of noise to help your concentration should be a priority when designing your home office. However, do not make the mistake of confining yourself to utter silence. If the intended space for a new home office is located near a high-traffic roadway or another high-noise area, it may be worth reconsidering the location of your workspace. Low-volume background music, the sound of running water, and white noise machines are all good ways to boost productivity because of their soothing properties. They can also help you avoid situations in which you feel stuck by providing you with just enough distraction to inspire you to get back to work.