No matter how many cabinets and drawers you have, there always seems to be more objects that need a place. This can cause unorganized systems and can make your home appear cluttered. However, there are many simple, cheap tricks you can utilize to declutter and maximize your space using assorted objects.

  1. Floating Shelves- Adding floating shelves to your walls provide more surface area while maintaining your interior design and preventing cluttered counters.
  2. Pillowcases- If your hard-to-fold fitted sheets create a messy pile in your linen cabinet, place matching sheets in their corresponding pillowcase to save time and allow for more sets.
  3. Shoe Organizers- Hanging shoe organizers can be used to store everything from shoes to art supplies to beauty products. You can hang them in your room, bathroom, or even in your closet.
  4. Under Your Bed- The area beneath your bed is a perfect spot for extra storage. Use bins and dividers to fully utilize this space.
  5. Walls- Use pegboards or hooks to create a simple DIY project that allows you to organize jewelry, cooking utensils or power tools.
  6. Utilize Unused Spaces- If you do not have enough closet space, use hooks or add an extra rod to the corner of your room in order to hang more clothing.
  7. Magnets- Transfer spices or makeup to magnetic containers or add magnetic strips to larger objects and then mount them on the wall for easy access and organization.
  8. Use Hooks- Add hooks to your cabinet doors in order to hang your plastic wrap, aluminum foil and wax paper. This frees up needed drawer space and allows for easy-access storage.
  9. Glass or Plastic Jars- Transfer your baking ingredients such as flour and sugar into plastic tubes that will allow for easier stacking than the containers they come in.
  10. Binder Clips- Weirdly enough, you can use binder clips in the freezer to hang your frozen food from the shelves rather than stacking them. You can see your options easier and they take up less space.
  11. Magazine Holders- Remove random piles of canned food in your pantry by placing them in a magazine holder.
  12. Wire Shelves- When you have tall cabinets without shelving, use wire shelves to divide the space and allow for multiple stacks of dishes.
  13. Plastic Caddies-  Organize the cleaning supplies beneath your sink by placing them in plastic caddies that will also make it easier for cleaning because you can take the caddie alone with you as you clean.
  14. File Boxes- Mount a file box in your bathroom on the side of your cupboard to place your curling iron and other hair appliances in order to keep cords from tangling and make them easier to access.
  15. Ottoman- Buy an ottoman that opens so you can store blankets inside.

Home storage is more simple than you think. There are many everyday objects that can drastically improve the organization of your house and declutter your surfaces. They will also make your more frequently used items easier to access at the same time.