Picking Bathroom Flooring Materials During a Remodel

The bathroom is probably the most trafficked room in the whole house. It’s also the room that just happens to be in need every day, by every family member, often at the same inconvenient moments.

When we reflect on all the time we spend in this room, and look to new flooring materials during a bathroom renovation, we should consider not only aesthetics, but also safety. The bathroom floor, of course, is liable to get wet from showers, spills from the sink and possibly even an overflowing toilet. Having the wrong type of flooring could be more than just an eyesore. The wrong flooring for your age, living condition, and lifestyle could, in worst case scenarios, cause bathroom accidents and repairs.

Bathroom Renovations in Gainesville, FL

Our designers at Quality DesignWorks in Gainesville, FL, understand the importance of supporting style and comfort in all of our bathroom design projects. We also take your budget into account when giving advice on bathroom remodeling. We promise to provide all our clients with the highest quality Gainesville remodeling team. When you think of “bathroom remodel Gainesville FL,” be sure to think of our creative team at Quality DesignWorks.

Before you begin bathroom remodeling, there are some things to consider while looking around Gainesville remodeling options. One important question to ask is what kind of tile are you interested in. Below are two options to consider, and one option to avoid, as you search for the perfect bathroom flooring.

Bathroom Ceramic Tile

Ceramic is the most popular option for bathroom floors today. According to National Kitchen and Bath Association, 83 percent of people surveyed said that they like ceramic tile the best for their bathroom. One of the benefits for choosing ceramic tile, of course, is that this type of tiling is extremely resistant to scratches and cracks. Ceramic tile can be cold on sensitive feet, so if you have a medical condition, or perhaps you just don’t like that feeling early in the morning, you should consider this when weighing your flooring options. Ceramic tile is also very cost-effective.

Solid Hardwood in the Bathroom

You should never consider hardwood for your bathroom floor. The water and steam from hot showers will eventually warp the wood. Once the wood is warped, an expensive repair will be in order. While this option may look beautiful, it will not last long in a bathroom.


One recent trend in bathroom tiles is the increased interest in linoleum. Gainesville FL bathroom remodeling culture is opening up to this new option. Eco-conscious millennial homeowners may find linoleum the most attractive option. This product is made of linseed oil and cork. Both of these materials are biodegradable, thus very eco-friendly. One thing to consider, however, is that linoleum has a tendency to stain easily. If considering linoleum, look into a protective coating that will minimize the risk of staining.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your bathroom or need a bathroom installed in a new construction home or commercial building, Quality DesignWorks is ready to start your project. Contact our design team or stop by our showroom in Alachua, FL.