When planning a home remodeling project, whether it’s a full kitchen renovation or a simple bathroom remodel, most homeowners consider factors like their budget, timeline, and design preferences. But, pet owners must also consider the safety and comfort of their animals during each stage of the remodeling process. But have no fear! Our home renovation contractors with Quality DesignWorks discuss these top renovating tips to keep pets calm, cool, and collected during your next renovation.

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Find A Safe Space For Your Pets

For the safety of your pets and your contractors, you should designate a pet-safe space for your animals to remain while work is taking place. Ideally, this area should be as far away from the construction site as possible and in an enclosed area, with plenty of room for your pet to spend some time. Create and affix some signs on the doors with phrases such as “keep closed” or “pet inside” to help keep your pets in their designated area. You can keep pets in a closed room while the remodel is underway, or you can provide a secure dog run or cat patio (catio) out of the way of your remodelers. You also might consider boarding particularly anxious pets at a trusted kennel or pet daycare facility.

Block Off The Construction Area

Pets are curious creatures and, sometimes, new sounds and sites may spark their curiosity, potentially putting them in harm’s way. Keeping pets in a safe area either away from the contractors or at a safe, off-site location can help avoid this. Investing in some extra-tall pet safety gates can help your pet remain safe and away from the project site. Should you decide to keep your pets in a safe, indoor space within your home, make sure to furnish the area with all of your pets’ favorite things, such as toys, treats, freshwater, food, cozy blankets, plenty of fresh air, natural light, and soft bedding.

Get Your Pets Microchipped

If you haven’t already done so, microchip your dog or cat and register them with the microchip company. Pet microchips are approximately the size of a grain of rice, and veterinarians can quickly and painlessly place them just beneath pets’ skin. These pet IDs are permanent and can give you peace of mind. That way, if your pet manages to escape during your home remodeling project, any local shelter or veterinary clinic with a pet-ID scanner can quickly identify your pet and contact you promptly. It’s also a good idea to take a few pictures of your pets, so you have the most up-to-date information to share with others should you need to.

Maintain Your Daily Routines

Pets are creatures of habit, and most of them thrive on routine (whether it’s the routine you’ve set for them or one they’ve implemented). With regard to routines, the best thing you can do for pets during your renovation project is to help maintain them. Keep up with your pets’ usual feeding, exercise, play, and rest routines, while minimizing any changes to your or their daily habits. For example, if you usually take your dog out for a walk, stroll, or run around the neighborhood or the dog park around the same time every day, make sure to do that during the remodels as well. This way, even if your pet notices the changes happening during the remodel, the activities and events of their day-to-day reality won’t have to change much.

Talk With Your Home Remodeling Contractor

While discussing construction or design remodeling plans with your contractor, be sure to communicate with them regarding any pets in the home. Discuss any and all important factors or specific needs of your pets and ask your contractor about the best way to plan the project while your pet is in the home. If you choose to board your pet or take them to a pet daycare facility, communicate that as well. When you hire a professional design-build contractor, such as Quality DesignWorks, each step of the remodeling process is tailored to your needs, and all aspects of the renovation will be taken care of promptly and with care.

Minimize Stress For Your Pets

You know your pets better than anyone else, so you know what might scare them or aggravate them. For most pets, spending time with their human makes them feel the most secure, so be sure to spend as much time as possible with them during construction. In addition, consider calming music, such as classical music, or installing a white-noise machine in your pet’s designated area to help ease any stress while work is taking place. If you know your pet might not be able to handle the stress of being in the home during your remodel, it may be a good idea to consider boarding them or having them stay with a familiar friend or family member.