Of all the mistakes that can be made in life, remodeling mistakes are some of the worst. Certainly, these mishaps waste time and money — two things that are precious in a remodel project. But mistakes also can frustrate and cause you to lose enthusiasm for what is supposed to be a fun project. At Quality DesignWorks, we’ve seen the good and heard plenty about the bad. Here’s our advice on how to avoid common mistakes while remodeling in Gainesville.

Rushing Into Remodeling

Few events induce more excitement than a home remodel. On the wings of that excitement, people can sometimes rush into their home renovations. But a few ideas about paint colors and floor materials don’t make a finished design. And jumping into a remodel project with both feet and no real plan is often a recipe for disaster. Maybe you’ll be lucky, and your first ideas for the kitchen or bathroom will pan out. But if that’s not the case, you could end up losing time and money on mistakes that a bit more planning would have prevented.

The Solution: Plan It Out

In reality, a quality remodeling project begins with a strategy. At our design-build company, each job is a process. We start with a site visit to inspect the area where the remodel will take place. Next, we develop a design in conjunction with the homeowner. Yet for each design, we ask questions, test theories, and find things to correct. In the end, we may have a design that’s been revised a few times. But the project will be cohesive with no unforeseen consequences.

An Unrealistic Budget

In the parlance of home remodelers, what makes a budget “unrealistic” is not that the homeowner expects a lot for a little — the home remodeling company should provide estimates beforehand, so you have a ballpark figure of the costs and know what to expect upfront. Rather, an unrealistic budget is where the entirety of the homeowner’s budget is equal to the estimated costs of the project with no cushion. In the course of remodels, added mini-projects appear. Maybe a wall is torn to reveal faulty electrical wiring. Or perhaps the lifted floorboards reveal water damage to the subfloor. Without money to address unexpected problems, small issues could become roadblocks that derail the project.

The Solution: Have Some Cushion

Don’t let your remodel be held back by unforeseen costs; keep 20 percent of the budget as wiggle room. Whether the job we’re on is minor kitchen remodeling or building a sizable addition onto a home, we advise clients to spend four-fifths of their budgets on the project and keep the rest as a cushion.

Late Design Changes

Design changes are natural in the remodel process. First, you have thoughts on how a kitchen or living room should look. Then you see those ideas on paper, hear the input of design-builders, and make changes. It’s an inherent part of the progression to a brilliant design, but it’s a different story with changes made after the remodel project has begun. Such midstream changes are counterproductive. They cost money for new materials, and often the previous work must be altered or removed, so time is lost as well. This is also a surefire way to create tension with your remodeling experts.

The Solution: Trust The Original Plans

We understand that sometimes lightning strikes late. People see work that’s in-progress and are inspired by new ideas. As Gainesville remodeling professionals, we suggest homeowners stick to the original design and trust their design-build team to bring the vision to life. And when ideas pop up midstream, consider whether the update outweighs the loss of time and money.

Wrong Contractors

A homeowner sometimes hires the wrong contractors for a job. What can make the contractors not a right fit for a job could be ethical or insurance concerns  — always make sure the contractor has a trusted reputation and carries business liability insurance. But in many instances, the wrong contractors are builders who don’t specialize in a specific type of remodel project. A bathroom remodeling company might do tilework but not decorative concrete floors or backyard decks.

The Solution: Hire Our Design-Build Company

For remodel projects, hire a company that specializes in all aspects of home remodeling. At Quality DesignWorks, we have dedicated design and build teams. Thus, we bring your expectations for your home from conception to reality. So, whether you plan to remodel a kitchen, bathroom, or entire house front-to-back, we’re the renovation experts to count on. Quality DesignWorks is an experienced design-build company that performs home designs, builds, and remodels in the greater Gainesville area. Contact us for a consultation today!