A sunroom, sometimes known as a solarium or sunporch, makes for a great home addition, adding both natural light and beauty to any indoor space. And, summer in Florida is the perfect time to experience the splendor of a sunroom. If you’ve been considering adding a sunroom to your home, check out all the reasons why you should go for it this summer. 

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Best Of Both Worlds

Summer in Florida is a time of verdant greens, bustling wildlife, and sun-filled days that seem as though they could stretch into eternity. Unfortunately, summer is also the time for mosquitoes, sunburns, and overheating. A Florida sunroom allows you to experience the best parts of summer while taking a reprieve from the worst parts. A sunroom can be air-conditioned to keep you cool, while you can still enjoy the radiant sunshine and beauty of the outdoors.

More Room For Summer Fun

When a suitable door that connects to the outdoors is installed, a sunroom can be an excellent way to create more space for all of your summer activities. Similar to a mudroom, a sunroom can be a good area for transitioning to and from the outdoors while keeping the main space of your home clean from water, mud, and dirt. It also perfectly complements an outdoor kitchen or pool area. 

No More Bugs

Say goodbye to mosquito lamps, torches, and sprays! Enjoy the summer evening in the comfort of your sunroom, where huge glass windows allow you to look outside while keeping the bugs away. And because it’s glass instead of mesh, you won’t have to worry about repairing inevitable tears.

Year-Round Greenery

A solarium is also an excellent place to grow indoor plants that require lots of sunshine and helps to keep plants safe in the winter when it may be too cold outside from some tropical varieties. It can even make a smaller home or yard feel bigger because it creates a through space between the indoors and outdoors that gives the feeling of expansion.

Completely Customizable

When it comes to your sunroom, the only concern is the space you have to work with. No matter your goals or design, we can create a sunroom that is completely unique for your home. Want windows that go from ceiling to floor? We can do that! What about an oxygonal shape to add character? We can do that too!

Added Resale Value

A sunroom is a huge selling point for homes in Florida, and adding one to your home can increase its value when it comes time to sell. Even if you never intend to sell, a sunroom can be a memorable place to create special memories with the people you love, adding a value that far exceeds any dollar amount.