People who love hosting friends and family in their homes often look for effective ways to make their residence as welcoming and conducive to gatherings as possible, especially with the holiday season just around the corner. While a glowing personality paired with tasteful interior décor can go a long way in helping guests feel comfortable in your home, the benefits of a living-space upgrade can take your residence from a space to host guests to the ultimate hosting landscape.

If you enjoy hosting family and friends in your home regularly, consider the following remodeling projects that will make you the host with the most. Contact Quality DesignWorks today to schedule an appointment to get started and view our project gallery for some inspiration!

Kitchen Remodel

Any host worth their salt knows the importance of a well-designed kitchen area. The kitchen is often the center of activity in the house, both in daily activities and for parties and gatherings. Thus, this space should ideally be as open, welcoming, and functional as possible. While considering either a full kitchen remodel or a kitchen renovation, take time to consider whether you’d like to cook for guests or you’d instead hire a catering service for each function. Also, note the average number of guests you plan to have in your home and whether guests will serve themselves in the kitchen or you prefer to plate the food and serve it in another part of the house, such as the dining room. Thinking through these questions will help you identify possible layout issues and determine solutions, such as warming drawers, raised countertops, additional storage, and double dishwashers, to help you host guests successfully.

Outdoor Kitchen

North Central Florida’s beautiful, mild fall and winter seasons can make outdoor entertaining during the holidays a wonderful and enjoyable addition to indoor hosting spaces. For families who enjoy barbecues and outside dining, outdoor kitchens are a must! Outdoor kitchen areas can accommodate your hosting needs year-round, with a bar and a smoker for summer get-togethers and a fire pit and oven for enjoying the outdoors during cooler months. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your property can either supplement indoor entertainment or act as a standalone hosting space, with possibilities abound to make your home the talk of the town! Outdoor kitchens from Quality Designworks offer endless options for layout, materials, appliances, customizable features, and overall aesthetics. Contact us today to get started on your outdoor hosting oasis.

Home Addition

Home additions and guest houses offer guests the gift of space to guests and hosts alike. Home additions act as an expansion to your existing living space. They can be as extensive or minimal as you like, with endless possibilities available. For example, for hosting purposes, your home might benefit from the addition of increased bathroom space or a larger, more open kitchen area. Alternatively, you can use a home addition for extending the boundaries of a small room to a larger one that accommodates a greater number of guests in your home. Alternatively, for hosts in a relatively small home, the addition of a guest house outside of the residence’s existing layout can offer in-laws, relatives, and friends their own space to sleep, shower, and relax right outside of your home. The additional space is a fantastic investment and can serve to increase the overall value of your home.

Bathroom Remodel

During renovations, one of the most important (and often overlooked) spaces that facilitate high-level hosting is the bathroom. Small, cramped, and outdated restrooms can make guests feel less than welcome, while too few bathrooms can cause a great deal of discomfort to events with numerous guests. However, a bathroom remodel or addition from Quality DesignWorks can help improve your hosting endeavors with upgraded accents, customized features, and high-design aesthetics that make both family and friends feel at home. Whether it’s installing a powder room near the living or dining room or upgrading an existing restroom near the entrance of the house, dedicated bathrooms are more convenient for guests, allowing them to avoid walking through the entire house just to use the bathroom.