When it comes to home remodeling in Gainesville, the beginning of spring is an opportune time for certain projects. Some renovations have year-round benefits but are more easily accomplished during spring, while other projects can prepare your home for popular spring and summer activities. To work with professional designers and builders on home renovations, contact Quality DesignWorks.

Unfinished Spaces

During home remodeling Gainesville, FL, residents can get discouraged by working in unpleasantly cold or hot weather. The start of spring, though, means pleasant weather that can motivate you to do a project such as finishing an unfinished garage, basement, or storage space. Another benefit of spring weather for remodels on unfinished spaces is you being able to speed along the final stages of construction by opening windows to let fresh paint or drywall compound dry faster.

Concrete Flooring

Decorative concrete flooring is popular with homeowners because of the product’s superior durability and customizable design options. But the fact that concrete floors are also easy to clean is another advantage, especially during springtime when many people have allergy problems. Whereas allergens such as dust and pollen can become embedded in carpet, concrete flooring is easily wiped or mopped completely clean. Therefore, by installing concrete floors at the start of spring, you can help alleviate spring and summer allergy concerns, as well as maintain a cleaner house year round.

Outdoor Space

Outdoor spaces, such as backyard patios, are primarily enjoyed during the spring and summer seasons. The start of spring, before outdoor activities become popular again, is thus an opportune time to enhance your home’s outdoor space. Adding a deck or outdoor kitchen to your backyard, for example, transforms a drab patio space into a fun area for entertaining guests and family.

Doors & Windows

Cold weather can cause caulking around doors and windows to shrink and crack, allowing indoor air to escape. Before spring and summer temperatures really spike and you start using the air conditioner regularly, insulate the windows and doors of your home with new caulking. As a way to make your home even more energy efficient, swap out existing windows and doors with new energy-saving units.

Kitchen Remodel

Spring and summer is a popular time for dinner parties, which means the beginning of spring is a good time to update a kitchen. When the time frame is tight for a kitchen remodel Gainesville, FL, homeowners can focus on essential upgrades that enhance the kitchen space. For example, larger countertops give your guests more space to sit and socialize in the kitchen while also allowing you more room for cooking. Similarly, expanding your kitchen storage space makes the area feel bigger by reducing clutter. Even modest aesthetic updates, such as new cabinet doors, floor tiles, or a backsplash over the stove, can enliven the look of a kitchen.

New Colors

Whether the project involves kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom remodeling Gainesville, FL, residents will discover that a splash of color can really transform the look of a space. At the start of spring, for example, painting the walls and window treatments in your home a different color can set a new mood for the upcoming season. During colder months of the year, darker tones of paint are appropriate, but switching to a lighter, more vibrant paint color can feel like a fresh start for the warmer months ahead.

Home Remodeling in Gainesville, FL

Quality DesignWorks is the premier design-build company offering remodel and renovation services to Gainesville, FL, homeowners. Whether your renovation involves adding a closet to a bedroom space or building an addition onto a home, our professional designers and contractors will handle every step of the project from start-to-finish. We can also perform springtime renovations, such as installing concrete flooring or building a backyard deck. What really distinguishes Quality DesignWorks, though, is that no matter the remodel or renovation project, we always deliver personalized results that complement your budget, tastes, and lifestyle. Contact us for more information.