If you’re thinking about taking on home renovations in Gainesville during the new year, you’ve likely begun looking into what’s hot and what’s not already. One notable trend we at Quality DesignWorks have begun to see is with brass accents. Handles, door knobs, mirror edges and more are featuring this classic color heading into the new year. But while trends ebb and flow, some of what we’re seeing for remodeling in 2018 will have a lasting effect on your life for years to come. Read on to see what else will take centerstage for Gainesville, FL home remodeling!

Strategic Additions & Alterations

As more families bring more than one generation under a roof, the biggest trend for remodeling in 2018 will be strategic additions and/or alterations. This may mean adding a new bedroom on the main floor for aging parents or widening doorways and hallways to accommodate assistive devices. More older people are choosing to age in place rather than moving to a new, smaller home or retirement community. Quality DesignWorks’ team can help you decide what Gainesville, FL home remodeling done now can make aging in place a reality.

Smart Lighting

Smartphones, smart TVs, and now smart lighting is going to be a leading trend next year in home renovations in Gainesville. Smart lighting lets homeowners choose what time of day certain lights will come on, for how long, and at what intensity. This ultimately results in customization down to the individual user and energy and utility saving by having the lights setup for your specific home and needs.

Texture, Patterns & Water Colors

Out are run-of-the-mill wallcoverings, whether a solid color throughout the room or shaken up with an accent color. In for 2018 are texture, patterns, and water colors. Quality DesignWorks expects to see patterned wallpapers and textured wall coverings like 3D artwork adorn custom home remodels in Gainesville. But if you opt for simply repainting a wall or two, you won’t lack for inspiration in Florida. Water colors like blue, green, and the various shades work well to liven and brighten bathrooms and kitchens while pairing well with white and wood-colored accents typically found in these rooms.

Oversized Furniture & Open Details

Open living areas have become a popular feature in many homes, so it makes sense the trend following it would be oversized furniture. Whether your home has a modern aesthetic to it or an antique touch, people are using oversized chairs and/or sofas to make a statement in 2018.

And while the living area makes a statement or two, kitchens feature open details, such as open shelving. This trend lends itself to creating a practical storage solution for large or bulky kitchen items, such as pot and pan sets.

Quartz Is In, Granite Is Out

For years granite was the go-to counter material in homes. But those years have now passed and have been replaced by quartz. More durable than granite, quartz gives a fresh feel to any kitchen or bathroom and features many finish options. If you’re thinking about giving your home a stone touch, hand carved stone sinks are a hot trend for bathrooms, though porcelain is always in style regardless of the year.

Quality DesignWorks Has Your Remodeling Project In Mind

Maybe a brass edged mirror would tie your bathroom scheme together, or perhaps it’s a textured trefoil wallpaper for the living room. Whatever trend for remodeling in 2018 catches your eye, Quality DesignWorks is the company for home remodeling Gainesville, FL! Our design-build approach means you won’t visit multiple places for meeting with designers and contractors, and choosing the details of your project, but instead one place for everything. Contact us today to get started with your home renovations in 2018!