The process of renovating a home can be an exciting experience that produces rewarding results. Whether making minor adjustments to an indoor space or planning for complete home renovations in Gainesville, FL, our remodeling contractors know that the renovation process can likewise increase stress levels. Don’t allow the strain from a home upgrade to affect your sanity — reach the finish line of your renovation unscathed and keep tensions low with the following renovation stress-management tips from Quality DesignWorks. Contact us to schedule a showroom viewing or to learn about our design-build services.

Set A Renovations Budget

Budgeting issues for home remodeling are among the most common complaints from homeowners and between couples. Nothing is more stressful than starting a new kitchen or bathroom remodel project only to find that your funds are dwindling quicker than expected. Make sure your budget is the first point of discussion — providing your partner (and your contractors) with a clear budget for renovations will set the tone for a successful project and help you better handle other renovation issues that may arise along the way.

Choose Your Battles Wisely

It’s understandable that homeowners may become fixated on the details on the quest for their dream home. Nitpicking every detail, however, can quickly result in increased renovation stress levels. To avoid tacking on unnecessary strain during your residential upgrade, select your top two or three renovation must-haves before the project begins. Identifying the most important details in a kitchen remodel — such as specific types of countertops — makes it easier to compromise and maintain an open mind with less important details later on.

Compartmentalize The Project

Without the proper precautions, residential renovations can quickly bleed into every aspect of homeowners’ lives. Key to maintaining your sanity during a remodeling project is to keep separate the remodel from other aspects of your day-to-day life. Compartmentalizing the remodel serves to help homeowners leave behind the details associated with the project, such as finances and material choices, while spending time with family, friends, and loved ones. Make a schedule and stick to it in order to maintain your inner zen throughout the process.

Spend Time Away From Home

It’s easy to let your home makeover consume every aspect of your life. Dedicating all of your time, attention, and efforts to the renovation, however, can spell disaster for your stress levels. Plan some time away from your home in order to help reduce anxiety. Whether you decide to spend the weekend in a nearby hotel or you plan a day trip with friends, taking your focus off these details can recharge your batteries and offer clarity with a relaxed and rejuvenated mindset for completing the next step of a remodel. Take a break and enjoy yourself!

Stick To Your Routine

A significant portion of homeowners we work with are creatures of habit — daily routines serve to provide them with a structure for managing daily tasks. When it comes to your routine, a renovation can put you out of your regular groove and into a state of flux. Whenever possible, try to adhere closely to your regular schedule. While you might have to host game night at a friend’s house during a home addition or eat more takeout than usual during a complete kitchen remodel, sticking with your normal routine can help limit disruptions to your day to day.

Stay Flexible During Renovations

Even with the most experienced home renovation design team on your side, some remodeling issues are inevitable. During the project, there might be a material mixup or a delay on the schedule — a rigid timeline and unrealistic expectations pave the path to anxiety and disappointment. Having an open mind and staying flexible prior to initial construction day can help you manage stress until project completion. Hiring a full design-build company for your renovation can likewise ensure a padded timeline and available backup material options.