If you love your home, you probably want to stay there forever! But as we age, our homes may not provide the same levels of safety and convenience they once did. Aging in place, or living in a home that accommodates residents as they age from adults to senior citizens, can be difficult. A person who is sentimentally attached to their home may put themselves at risk in an effort not to move. It can also be challenging to determine whether the residence will suffice or require extensive remodels.

At Quality DesignWorks it is our mission to create a functioning home for clients, and we are dedicated to creating a safe space to allow your loved one to age in place. With a few crucial remodels, you can stay in your forever home, well, forever! Senior citizens who are able to safely and comfortably live in a home they love typically enjoy a higher quality of life than those who are forced into nursing homes or retirement communities. Our home remodeling company in Gainesville, FL, will work with you or a loved one to create a functioning, accessible space that is ideal for aging in place.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms can pose hazardous for an aging person. During a bathroom remodel in Gainesville, FL, our team assesses the layout of the current bathroom with consideration for the current and future needs of the individuals. For example, a new bathroom remodel may include things such as door frames that are at least 36 inches wide to allow wheelchair access. Our team is experienced in building a functioning and safe space for aging individuals, remodel features may include:

  • Walk-in showers or tubs
  • Safety, textured rails and handles
  • Stationary showerheads
  • Wider shower, bathtub and bathroom entrances
  • Low, easily reachable shelving
  • Ample lighting and night lights
  • Raised toilets

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is a space that typically requires renovations as well. The ability to easily, safely prepare meals is a necessity for those who choose to age in place. Home renovations for the kitchen may include modifications and additions to optimize the space for safety. Considerations for a kitchen remodel that our team will review with you include:

  • Door and walkways that are wide enough to accommodate walkers or wheelchairs
  • Appliance location and accessibility
  • Track lighting or under-cabinet lighting
  • Kitchen cabinets with loop or D-handles
  • Pull-out pantry space with low shelving
  • Lazy Susan style cabinets
  • Round-edge countertops
  • Shallow sinks with anti-scald devices

Our team can make minor adjustments to the current kitchen space or renovate the entire space for an aging in place kitchen remodel.

Bedroom Remodel

Don’t overlook the bedroom! For multiple-level homes, adding a home addition may be a great investment. Climbing the stairs is a hazard that can be eliminated by constructing a bedroom on the ground level or even remodeling a living room, den or library into a functioning bedroom. Bedrooms should be equipped with handles or rails beside the bed to make getting in and out of bed easier. Our team can install other features such as a closet with low shelving and easily accessible outlets.

Age In Place With Quality DesignWorks

Our design-build company specializes in all areas of home remodeling. Whether you or your loved one is looking to age in place, allow us to remodel the space! With client needs in mind, our team will renovate the space into an oasis for safe, easy aging in place! To schedule a home remodel consultation, contact our team today!