Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you gather with friends and family, create lasting memories, and recharge for the days ahead. Perhaps, your home is also where you work, whether its an addition to an outside office or your sole space for running your small business. No matter your reason for pursuing a home office addition, a home addition from our home remodeling company is an ideal way to optimize your residential space for more than just living. For many homeowners, additions can likewise offer the benefits of increased property values and living square footage.

Residential additions can range from extensive bump-outs and standard expansions to elegant additions and subtle upgrades, each of which can impact your home’s comfort while optimizing your floor plan. Quality DesignWorks is Gainesville’s full-service, design-build home remodeling company. Our team is dedicated to providing homeowners with custom-designed, top-quality residential remodeling and construction services. Contact us today to schedule a showroom appointment.

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Design Elements Of Your New Office

In a pinch, working from home on your laptop in bed or on the couch can provide you with a space to complete your work. You can sit on a kitchen chair and work on the kitchen counter.  Or, you could increase your comfort and productivity by adding office space to your home. Working from home without a dedicated workspace can limit your ability to perform at your peak and limit the space you have for added technology and ergonomic devices. Certain design and construction elements to consider when thinking about a home office addition include the following.

  • Lighting. Natural light is always preferable for home offices and may be supplemented with lighting fixtures designed for workspaces.
  • Furniture. How will you furnish your in-home office space? A new desk and other office furniture can transform your space and help facilitate a seamless workflow.
  • Electricity. If you live in an older home with few power outlets, then it’s important to consider your electric capacity. Our design-build team can help!


Is A Home Office Addition Worth It?

There are several reasons you should consider an office addition, whether you plan to build the addition from scratch or want to transform an existing space in your home into the perfect office space. For those seeking to spend more time working from home or exclusively working from home, an at-home office can help improve productivity. For those starting a small business, a home office addition can help scale up your production and help separate at-home living spaces from spaces dedicated to your new business. A custom home addition can help breathe new life into your property with the following advantages when pursued professionally and diligently.

  • Increase Your Square Footage
  • Higher Property Values
  • More Cost-Effective Than Renting An Office Space
  • Have A Space Dedicated To Your Business
  • Enhanced Productivity & Functionality
  • Improved Work-Life Balance & Comfort

Custom Home Office Additions

Increasing the size of your residential space with the addition of a home office takes focused attention to detail throughout the home addition process. From planning and picking out materials to constructing the space and performing the final walkthrough, our design-build team invites clients to lean on our expertise and resources to benefit their homes. We work closely with each client to develop a layout and design that complements their home décor, accommodates the room’s intended use, and matches their vision and style. Regardless of the project size and scope, our team uses the highest quality equipment, materials, and craftsmanship to transform your living space.

Standard Addition

Standard addition is a popular and highly common way homeowners add to their homes, especially when adding a home office. A standard home office addition involves building an additional structure, followed by integrating that new structure into the rest of the home. Building out your living room, bedroom, or another area to include a home office may involve adding a room onto the existing floor plan at ground level, or it could comprise the addition of a second floor onto your existing home layout.

Home Office Bump-Out

A small home office addition, also known as a home office bump-out, is a common option for homeowners looking to expand their space with minor adjustments to accommodate their work requirements. Bump-outs accomplish the goal of added space without the requirements of a full-scale construction project and the cost of a complete addition. Bump-outs may extend as far as 10–15 feet from the house, though tiny pop-outs can be as short as 2 feet in length. Because of their small scale, bump-outs don’t usually alter the appearance of the exterior.

Home Office Remodel

Perhaps you already have a dedicated home office, but it needs an overhaul to accommodate your work needs. This is when a home office remodel may be your ideal choice! Remodeling this area of your home gives it a fresh shine without requiring full-scale construction and additions. The remodel or renovation will depend on several factors, including your budget, preferences, and needs for your home office. No matter your desires, our design-build team can help you accomplish the home office of your dreams.

Full-Scale Office Addition

Full home office additions add space and square footage to your home and can help boost your home’s overall value. This option can be ideal for owners of residential properties looking to transform their living space to incorporate their ideal needs for expansion with an at-home workspace or office in mind. Some homeowners may choose to add 1,000 square feet to their home, extending the area of a part of their home with customized office features abound. Our team can help you craft your ideal home office layout with attractive solutions and materials.

Home Office Room Conversion

A home office room conversion can be an excellent use of existing space for a home office designed to your unique workspace needs. If you have an extra garage or attic space that isn’t being used or is taking up valuable square footage in your home, then transforming it into a home office space offers all the benefits associated with a home office addition without the need for full-scale construction and costs of a complete addition. Our team can help tailor each room area to meet your home office needs.

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