For as much time as people spend at home, having a house that complements their lifestyle is essential. Yet, there are five home issues that can detract from how well a house suits you and your family. When these issues arise, the option of moving to a new house isn’t always realistic for many homeowners.

Home renovations, on the other hand, are a viable solution to these common issues. But when it comes to home remodeling Gainesville, FL, residents should choose a company with expertise in multiple areas, including home design and building. At Quality DesignWorks, we know firsthand that handling all the aspects of your renovation in one project is an efficient and affordable way to solve these five home issues.

Common Gainesville Home Issues

Personal tastes, lifestyle choices, and other factors determine what home design is right for a person. Though homeowners all have unique needs, many confront one or more of the same five home issues. While these issues can make your home less comfortable, there are ways to correct them and get the home you desire.

Too Little Storage Space

The right amount of storage space not only keeps your home organized, but it also prevents clutter, which can limit the activities you’re able to do at home as well as affect your mood. Yet, a lack of adequate storage space is a common issue for many Gainesville homeowners, including families that have outgrown their current space. One solution is hiring a design-build company to do renovations. Building larger closets in the bedrooms, adding shelving in the laundry room, and increasing the number of cabinets and amount of counter space in the kitchen are a few of the ways to achieve more storage space in your home.

Uncomfortable Layouts

Even when your home looks good aesthetically, the layout may not be optimal for meeting your needs. Many homeowners prefer an open floor plan because it makes the house feel larger and provides space for activities, but some homes’ floor plans are segmented into closed off areas. Renovations, such as knocking down walls to combine two rooms or remodeling a kitchen space to create an open setting with more space for cooking and dining, can enhance the layout of a home. Even a simple project like remodeling the entranceway can give a more open and inviting feel to a house.

Not Enough Living Space

Your home is a place to do the activities you enjoy, but when there isn’t enough space to accommodate your lifestyle, the benefits of your home are diminished. In Gainesville home remodeling is one option to create more space. Home additions, for example, can give you that added guest room, bathroom, home office, or other space to make your preferred lifestyle possible. What’s more, a home addition can match the current interior and exterior designs of your house to keep everything feeling familiar, or you can opt for an updated design to freshen the look of your home.

Outdated Designs

A home design can become outdated over the years, and this can lower the value of the house. Home renovations in Gainesville can update the look of your home and increase its appeal to future buyers. Outdated appliances and fixtures are factors that impact the design of a home. In addition to giving a fresh look to the kitchen, bathroom, or another area of the home, new appliances are more efficient and perform better. Moreover, as design tastes evolve, home features, such as floor tiles, kitchen cabinets, or ceiling fans, can seem out of place. But a full-service remodeling company can enhance multiple areas of your home in one project.

Unfinished or Underutilized Areas

It’s not uncommon to have unfinished or underutilized rooms in a home, maybe because of a previous renovation that wasn’t completed. But Gainesville remodelers can transform that unfinished or underutilized area into a space that suits your lifestyle and increases the value of your home. An unfinished bedroom, for example, can become a home office or an entertainment room for the family. Adding an outdoor kitchen or a custom concrete design to a backyard space, on the other hand, can create an outdoor space for socializing with family or friends.

Home Remodeling in Gainesville, FL

From remodeled kitchens and bathrooms to outdoor kitchens and home additions, Quality DesignWorks can give your home the updated space it needs to better suit your lifestyle. Homeowners in Gainesville, FL, choose our company because we provide all encompassing home remodeling services. Rather than separately finding a design expert, a builder, and a store to purchase appliances, materials, or other supplies, you can count on Quality DesignWorks to do all these steps. Our team of designers and building experts will attend to every aspect of your home renovation project, so that, in the end, you’ll have a space that’s fully customized to meet your tastes and needs. Contact us to discuss your next home remodel!